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Syria condemns Israel’s airstrikes on Aleppo

The file photo shows the Syrian Foreign Ministry building in Damascus.

Syria has denounced Israel’s fatal strikes that hit the province of Aleppo, calling on the international community to stop the regime’s violations of international law.

“The Syrian Arab Republic condemns the terrorist aggression launched by the Israeli occupation entity on a number of points in the countryside of Aleppo at the dawn,” the foreign ministry said in a statement carried by Syria’s official news agency SANA on Friday.

Earlier in the day, a number of civilians and military personnel were killed and injured in the attacks that also caused damage to the public and private property. The attack was carried out while a drone strike by terrorist groups also hit Aleppo City and its surrounding region.

“It wasn't a coincidence” that the two incidents took place at the same time, the ministry said.

The Aleppo attacks were carried out just hours after the regime killed two civilians in another strike on a residential building in the countryside of Damascus on Thursday, the ministry said.

It said the Israeli violations of Syria’s territorial integrity “prove the aggressive and barbaric nature” of the regime.

Israel is “the main reason behind instability in the region and the suffering of the regional nations,” the Syrian ministry said.

The ministry urged the international community to assume its responsibilities in dealing with the “serious and repeated Israeli violations of the principles of international law.”

The regime and its allies, the ministry said, need to be pressured “to stop their attacks and crimes in Palestine, Syria and Lebanon.”

Since the onset of foreign-backed militancy in Syria in 2011, the Israeli regime has stood as a staunch supporter of terrorist factions that are in opposition to the democratically-elected leadership of President Bashar al-Assad.

The regime does not acknowledge its military actions within Syria, which is widely interpreted as a knee-jerk reaction to the Syrian government’s triumph over terrorism.

The Israeli attacks further escalated in the wake of the regime’s bloody campaign in the besieged Gaza Strip.

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