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President Raeisi reiterates Iran's support for Gaza resistance, people

President Ebrahim Raeisi meets Islamic Jihad Secretary General Ziyad al-Nakhala in Tehran on Thursday, March 28, 2024. (Photo by IRNA)

President Ebrahim Raeisi has reiterated Iran's support for the resistance movements and the people of Gaza, but regretted inaction of some Islamic leaders on the Israeli "brutality" against the Palestinians.

Raesisi hailed the "bravery of the resistance groups in Gaza against the the Zionist enemy" and unity among the Palestinian groups as he met Islamic Jihad chief Ziyad al-Nakhala in Tehran on Thursday.

"Today, Gaza is the scene of the victory of the Palestinian people's resistance and faith against the dark, oppressive and unprecedented crimes of the Zionist regime and the United States," the president said.

The resistance groups and the people of Gaza proved especially to the political elite of the world that standing and resisting is the only option to confront the "brutality and criminality of the Zionist usurping regime" and that Israel's invincibility is a lie, he said.

"The people of Gaza proved that this regime does not adhere to any law, international treaty and humanitarian principles at any level," President Raeisi added.

For the same reason that the Palestinians have the right to life, they also have a right to resistance, he said, adding whoever rejects Palestinian resistance has actually rejected Palestine's right to life.

Raeisi touched on the colossal resistance of the "oppressed people of Gaza against the criminal Zionist regime" despite the failure of certain Islamic leaders to fulfill their responsibilities toward Palestine.

"The people of Gaza not only did not wait for the support of some Islamic states and countries, but with their unique resistance, they proved the inefficacy of international institutions, organizations and unions claiming to advocate human rights and challenged the unjust world order," he said.

Nakhala appreciated the unwavering support of the Iranian nation for the ideals of the resistance movement and the people of Gaza who, he said, have "surprised the Zionist enemy and its allies, especially the United States, with their steadfastness".

He also hailed the support of the "Axis of Resistance", saying in addition to raising the morale and motivation of the people of Gaza and the Palestinian fighters, "this unparalleled support contained the important message that the Palestinian nation is not alone in its fight against the Zionist enemy".

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