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Emmanuel Macron poses ‘a danger’ to Europe

French President Emmanuel Macron

At a Pan Western meeting of nationalist parties, Deputy Prime Minister of Italy Matteo Salvini called French President Emmanuel Macron "a danger” to Europe for his refusal to rule out the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine.

“I think that President Macron, with his words, represents a danger for our country and our continent.”

Matteo Salvini, Deputy Prime Minister of Italy

Salvini added, “I don't want to leave our children a continent ready to enter World War III", as backlash against the Western-led war continues to grow in Europe.

Some believe that Macron is using Russophobia as a way to bring together a European Union which is increasingly being split by demands for more national sovereignty.

The idea that Russia is a threat and that that's what's going to make Europe exist, I think, is an illusion.

 People aren't buying it. As a matter of fact, people understand whether it is in Germany or whether it be in France, that in fact, this war in Ukraine, which was unnecessary, and which was wanted by the West and by NATO, is actually hurting them very badly.

You know, inflation, the increase in oil prices and energy and gasoline and food, you name it. The Europeans are realizing that they're suffering from this war.

Socrates Kazolias, Journalist and Political Analyst

Within two years, Macron has gone from major criticism over urging the West not to humiliate Russia, to being one of Europe's leading War Hawks.

Recent public opinion polls in France, however, show a different trend. Studies show that nearly 80% of the French do not want their soldiers sent to Ukraine.

Macron's sustained belligerence has been met with major resistance, if not rejection, in all quarters, extending from Washington to the highest ranks of the French armed forces.

There are leaked reports that the generals are extremely worried about Macron making these belligerent comments when France is in no condition whatsoever to defy or to challenge Russia.

I mean, even the British; Sunak, for example, saying he's got to send troops to Ukraine, what troops?

The British can't fill a football stadium with their army, the army that they could put in the field; they couldn't even fill a football stadium. So what is he talking about?

You know, so this is all a lot of bluster, but extremely dangerous bluster, extremely dangerous.

Socrates Kazolias, Journalist and Political Analyst

A newly released report shows how little France has been affected by the Ukrainian refugee crisis, which may make Paris more open to more war.

A mere 60,000 refugees have been accepted by France, which is fewer than Ireland.

France hosts just one Ukrainian refugee per 1,000 residents, whereas Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria are currently host to more than 25 refugees per 1,000 citizens.

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