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Jordan’s hyped aid airdrop over Gaza helps Israel more than Palestinians

By Shabbir Rizvi

Throughout last week, Jordan’s air force, with the approval of the Israeli regime, delivered aid via airdrop to people in the besieged Gaza Strip. The move was widely hailed as heroic.

Overseen by Jordan’s King Abdullah II, the aid was dropped in large pallets of items, which included goods like ready-to-eat meals, medical supplies, and feminine care items.

These pallets were delivered through several airplane drops, causing a rush of Palestinians to flee throughout the Gaza Strip to gain access to the boxes. The airdrop itself was also used as a media opportunity for the king, who was filmed dropping parcels while awkwardly posing for cameras. 

Though some aid was received by hungry and desperate Gazans, many parcels simply went missing, particularly in north Gaza where acute food shortages have caused death by starvation.

Parcels, despite being waterproof, were purportedly dropped into the Mediterranean Sea far beyond reach or even fell into the Gaza envelope - which can effectively only be accessed by Zionist settlers and military.

For the parcels dropping into the sea within reach, rowboats had to be deployed to gather the precious aid. If Gazans go beyond a specific point in the sea, they are targeted by Zionist naval forces, which have been given shoot-to-kill orders. 

Unfortunately, some of these parcels will never be received by any needy Palestinian.

Other pallets landed in locations where the Zionist regime is enacting a full entry block for Palestinians. Even if the aid drop landed in an accessible street or rooftop, the occupation army would murder anyone who went to it, as they have demonstrated with what is now known as “The Flour Massacre.” 

The massacre occurred when Zionist forces opened fire on Palestinians accessing designated aid trucks full of food for hungry Gazans. Over a hundred were murdered and many more were injured.

The massacre has been met with global condemnation of the Zionist regime, which has deflected and denied accusations of opening fire despite documented footage of Israeli troops doing exactly that.

Airdrops are a last resort for dispersing aid. They are ineffective, uncoordinated, and ultimately unable to predict exactly where the aid will land. Consider this with the fact that if Zionist troops are willing to open fire on designated aid trucks, traveling to a parachuted pellet is even more dangerous.  

Many have criticized King Abdullah II for using these aid drops as a self-serving and self-promotional opportunity, particularly because in contrast to Palestinian aid, the Jordanian regime has not restricted any economic activity with Israel.

In fact, it has surged. Though Jordan is not part of the Abraham Accords, it is in practice a state that has normalized economic and some political ties with the Tel Aviv regime.

So much so that despite the carnage in Gaza since October 7, Jordanian exports to the regime have increased, with no signs of boycott or sanctions to condemn what’s unfolding in the besieged strip.

Jordan and Israel have been the beneficiaries of economic cooperation brokered by Arab regimes such as the UAE, which signed the Abraham Accords. For example, Jordan and Israel have partnered in an unpopular (in Jordan) energy deal meant to further a process of normalization between them. 

There is also the shocking export of fruits and vegetables from Jordan to the occupied territories.

Media source Arabi Post revealed that Jordan was the second highest exporter of most fruits and vegetables to the Israeli-occupied territories from October 7 2023 to February 11, 2024, second only to Turkey.

These two countries constitute 55 percent of the total fruits and vegetables that the Israeli regime imported globally. Even more insultingly, Jordan is the final leg of the land corridor set up by some traitorous Arab states to circumvent the blockade enacted by Yemen in solidarity with Gaza. 

The reality is stark. While Gazans have to rush to airdropped pallets as they starve, often while dodging Israeli sniper and tank fire, Zionist settlers get Jordanian commodities delivered right to their markets for easy consumption. 

The Jordanian government is in one of the best positions to halt the Zionist economy. It shares a massive border with the occupied territories, controls a chunk of imports Israel receives from the east, and produces commodities for the occupation entity.

Yet, Jordan instead works hand in hand with the Zionist regime to coordinate airdrops that are ineffective for Gazans, who are facing genocide, all the while working against resistance factions by hosting US military bases and allowing its roads to deliver products to the Zionist entity. 

It cannot be overstated that we must separate the Jordanian regime from the Jordanian people.

Jordanians have rallied for Gaza from Amman to the occupied Palestine border, calling an end to the occupation and their government’s normalization with the Zionist entity.

Furthermore, they are protesting their government’s trade routes with the occupying entity -  even forming human chains to block the land corridor created to sustain Israel.

Finally, we must reckon with the most obvious reality: ​​King Abdullah II and the Jordanian Air Force could not have had their photo shoot opportunity without the blessing of the US and the Israeli regime, which ultimately means that these aid drops play into the very hands of the Zionist regime. 

By allowing for ineffective aid drops, Israel, who is facing allegations of genocide at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), can simply say they are not committing genocide because they allow countries to help aid starving Palestinians.

Meanwhile, the same aid that is dropped is either impossible to reach, or Palestinians must risk their lives under gunfire and starvation to obtain it. 

It is a mix of political and media manipulation meant to obscure the reality on the ground: access to aid is systematically prevented as Gazans are being starved and hospitals are being shut down.

Jordan is ideally placed to put an end to Israeli bloodthirst, but it seems the King has prioritized flashy videos and normalization over the fate of the Palestinian people and the region. 

Shabbir Rizvi is a Chicago-based political analyst with a focus on US internal security and foreign policy.

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