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Press TV 'no way' allowed to report from occupied al-Quds: Israel lobby group

By Press TV Staff Writer

Press TV, Iran’s leading international news network headquartered in Tehran, posted a job advertisement on LinkedIn on Monday for a ‘news reporter’ in occupied Jerusalem al-Quds.

According to the job description, it is a part-time remote role for a news reporter who will be responsible for “researching and writing news stories, creating press releases, and delivering engaging content for online and television broadcasting.”

Hours after the advertisement was posted on Monday, a notorious pro-Israel lobby group ‘Honest Reporting’ resorted to another round of smear campaign against the news network.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is hiring a news reporter for its English-language Press TV in "Al Quds (Palestine)." Someone who can maintain their "high level of journalistic" standards and "editorial principles”,” read the post on X, previously Twitter.

“Social media - do your thing...”

On Tuesday, the New York-based Zionist lobby group that describes itself as “an organization dedicated to defending Israel against prejudice in the media,” posted an “update” to the previous post.

“Israel's Government Press Office told @HonestReporting that "there is no way" a Press TV reporter would be issued press credentials,” read the update.

It is not the first time this lobby group funded by the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad has resorted to a smear campaign against the Islamic Republic of Iran’s leading international media network.

In May last year, it accused Press TV of “incitement and disinformation” after the network aired a story by its Canada correspondent about the 75th anniversary of Nakba Day.

“Young Palestinians led commemorations of the 75th anniversary of the Nakba Day, renewing the call to strengthen international support for Palestinian resistance. My @PressTV report in Toronto,” the Press TV correspondent wrote on her X handle at the time.

In response, the Canada affiliate of the pro-Israel lobby group termed the report “alarming.”

“Despite @CanadaFP ’s sanctioning #Iran’s state-funded propaganda mouthpiece, @Presstv, 1 of their “journalists” (@camilapress) filed a report from Toronto about “Nakba day” rife with incitement & disinformation,” it wrote on X.

In October last year, Press TV’s flagship weekly show ‘Palestine Declassified’ exposed this pro-Israel lobby group and its deep connections with the Israeli military and intelligence agencies.

The show cited the example of Hosam Salem, a former New York Times journalist, who was dismissed by the newspaper at the behest of the same pro-Israel lobby group.

Salem said he was informed via a phone call that they would no longer work with him and added that the lobby group not only succeeded in terminating his contract with the New York Times but also warned other international news agencies from collaborating with him and his two other colleagues.

According to the Palestine Declassified investigation, ‘Honest Reporting’ was founded in 2006 by Joe Hyams who is a registered bureau speaker for the Israeli embassy in the US.

One of the important employees of the lobby group is Simon Plosker, who worked in the spokesman unit of the Israeli military and also for Britain-based Israel lobby group BICOM.

The former CEO of the group was Daniel Pomerantz, who was a volunteer in the Israeli military. The incumbent CEO is Jacki Alexander, who worked for Israel lobby giant AIPAC for 15 years.

Press TV, since it was founded more than 16 years ago, has been a fearless advocate of Palestinian rights and has played an instrumental role in exposing the Israeli atrocities in the occupied territories.

As a result, Press TV journalists and anchors have been at the receiving end of the smear campaign.

In April last year, the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCHD) and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), two prominent pro-Israel lobby groups in the West, demanded social media giants Facebook and Twitter (now X) block Press TV from publishing content in the UK.

More recently, X removed the blue and gold check marks from the verified accounts of Press TV and other Iranian media outlets after a report by the Tech Transparency Project (TTP), a non-profit with close ties to the Israeli regime and the Zionist lobby.

It came amid the Israeli genocide in Gaza and Press TV's wide-ranging coverage of the genocide, which has already claimed the lives of nearly 30,000 Palestinians, including 14,000 children.

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