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In Numbers: Israeli regime’s genocidal acts in Gaza since ICJ ruling on Jan. 26

By Press TV Website Staff

From dead bodies lying scattered the streets to hospitals, schools and residential neighborhoods reduced to rubble, events in the besieged Gaza Strip since October 7 have been described as a textbook example of genocide.

According to the Gaza health ministry, nearly 30,000 Palestinians, including over 13,000 children, have been killed in the indiscriminate aerial and ground attacks that began 144 days ago.

Late last month, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) issued provincial measures in a case filed by South Africa, calling on the Tel Aviv regime to “take all measures possible to prevent acts of genocide.

The historic ruling signaled a major victory for the South African side and the Palestinian resistance as Israel was for the first time dragged to the top UN court based in The Hague.

One month since the ruling was issued, the apartheid regime continues to kill Palestinian civilians and bombard their houses across the besieged strip, ignoring worldwide calls for a ceasefire.

The government media office in Gaza released these figures on Monday, corresponding to the period between January 26 and February 26, which reveals that the genocidal acts have only accelerated.

  • 144 the number of days of the latest genocidal war on Gaza
  • 29,878the total number of fatalities in Gaza since Oct. 7
  • 70,215 the total number of people injured since Oct. 7
  • 30 the number of days since the ICJ issued its provisional measures
  • 375the number of massacres committed since the ruling was issued on Jan. 26
  • 3,525the number of people declared dead in hospitals since Jan. 26
  • 1,720the number of children killed since Jan. 26
  • 1,130the number of women killed since Jan. 26
  • 1the number of medical practitioners killed since Jan. 26
  • 2 the number of civil defense personnel killed since Jan. 26
  • 12 the number of journalists killed since Jan. 26
  • 11,000 the number of wounded since Jan. 26 still in need of treatment
  • 2 million the number of people who continue to be displaced
  • 17 government headquarters destroyed in Israeli bombings since Jan. 26
  • 2the number of schools and universities completely destroyed since Jan. 26
  • 9the number of schools and universities partially destroyed since Jan. 26
  • 47 the number of mosques completely destroyed since Jan. 26
  • 25 the number of mosques partially destroyed since Jan. 26
  • 39 - the number of residential properties completely destroyed since Jan. 26
  • 143 - the number of residential properties partially destroyed since Jan. 26
  • 4,000tonnes of explosives dropped by the regime on Gaza since Jan. 26
  • 1 the number of hospitals taken out of service since Jan. 26
  • 2 the number of ambulances targeted and destroyed since Jan. 26

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