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Indian port workers will not handle Israel-bound cargo

Indian dock workers refuse to load military cargo for the Israeli regime. (file photo)

The Israeli war on Gaza has sent repercussions beyond the region with many people across the world voicing their support for Palestinians in the war-torn territory,

Indian ports and dock workers unions from various major ports called on their members not to handle any of the ships carrying weapons and other military equipment to the Israeli regime.

The Workers Union's General Secretary said that the union would not handle any cargo bound to kill innocent people.

The decision was taken in accordance with the resolution passed by international parent organization, the World Federation of Trade Unions.

Experts assert that this is an unprecedented act of courage and support for the cause of Palestine since almost all public debate or protest regarding the conflict is banned in India.

The port workers are part of labor unions who have said that they would always stand against war and the killing of innocent people, especially women and children.

According to T Narendra Rao, General Secretary of the Water Transport Workers Federation of India, the MOU is a strong condemnation of the Israeli regime committing genocide in Gaza with absolute impunity.

First of all, our central demand must be for a ceasefire, it is for the Palestinians to decide what their right to self-determination is; we have to put pressure on the ceasefire.

One thing that this settler colonial regime of Israel cannot do is what other settler colonial regimes did, and I'm talking about the United States, North and South America, Oceania, Australia.

There they were able to finish off the indigenous population; however, that will not happen here; the resistance of the Palestinian people, generation, after generation, after generation, is something remarkable within the occupied territories.

Achin Vanaik, Author & Political Analyst

The genocidal Israeli war has caused human suffering beyond imagination, claiming tens of thousands of lives, mostly children and women.

Experts blame inaction and impunity for the raging Israeli genocide and say that Arab countries should do more to come up with a solution.

The difference if you like is that at least in the Arab countries, whatever the Arab governments do, because they haven't done enough themselves. Verbal? Yes, Condemnation etc, Fine.

But have they used the oil weapon? No.

Have they broken their support as a part of the Abraham Accords? No.

The Indian government has followed this kind of approach and wants to continue its relationship with Israel.

Achin Vanaik, Author & Political Analyst

The statement from the Indian ports union comes amid reports of Indian conglomerate Adani group manufacturing and delivering killer drones to Israel.

The deal has not been publicly acknowledged by Tel Aviv or New Delhi.

The union has called workers from across the globe to stand with the demand of free Palestine, urging for an immediate ceasefire so as to avoid further loss of life and escalation beyond borders.

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