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Congress on winter vacation, leaving Biden’s aid for Ukraine, Israel in limbo

US Congress

The United States Congress has gone on a winter break without coming to an agreement on a nearly $100 billion weapons package, which would have funded wars in Israel, Ukraine, the Red Sea, Taiwan and elsewhere for many years.

The bill had been passed by the Democrat led Senate but the Republican majority House of Representatives refused to vote on it in a setback to President Joe Biden's war planning.

Let me be clear here again this morning.

The Republican led house will not be jammed or forced into passing a foreign aid bill that was opposed by most Republican senators and does nothing to secure our own border.

Mike Johnson, Speaker, US House of Representatives

Earlier this month, Biden unsuccessfully tried to force through a $120 billion war spending bill, which tried to win over Republicans with $20 billion in anti immigrant border security spending.

While top polling agencies have mostly remained silent on the issue so far this year, the most recent polls confirmed that public support for more weapons to fuel foreign wars has plummeted.

There is an increasingly vocal desire to end American war mongering abroad and to focus American money, energy, and, attention, on the raft of post pandemic, and post great financial crisis, domestic problems.

The situation here on the ground definitely can be radicalizing because people are not even being provided with any of the usual concessions that Imperial nations often give their citizens to keep them distracted.

They're just being left out there while we are giving billions and trillions to other countries to fight wars that are, supposedly, on our behalf and yet we don't get to have any input in that.

Akua Nkansa, Black Alliance for Peace

The Biden administration has repeatedly rejected any negotiated settlement to the Ukraine conflict, and has no strings attached to its unshakable support for Tel Aviv.

Many say it's just a matter of time before more weapons are eventually sent to Israel and Ukraine, despite the global outcry,

We have to remember that these wars go on until America is defeated.

Eventually the public turns against every war and the war keeps going until it's no longer useful to big business and it's no longer useful to defeating our rivals and corralling the world's energy resources.

Sean Reynolds, Political Analyst

The failed bill explicitly prohibited the provision of any funds for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, UNRWA, which is the main humanitarian agency in Gaza.

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