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IRGC commander says Israel has received response to its mischiefs on daily basis

Brigadier General Abbas Nilforoushan, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC)'s deputy commander for operations

A senior commander of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has warned the Israeli regime that endangering the Islamic Republic's interests anywhere in the world will not go unanswered. 

Brigadier General Abbas Nilforoushan, the IRGC's deputy commander for operations, said, “This fake regime knows very well that it has received the answer to its evils on a daily basis. Whenever we decide, we will not hesitate to protect our interests and the Islamic Revolution, respond to Israeli mischiefs with great force, and preserve the blood of our martyrs.”

"We would not leave unanswered whatever action the Israeli regime dares to take against our interests at any spot," Nilforoushan asserted during a ceremony on Tuesday.

The commander said the Islamic Republic is the most prominent missile and drone power in West Asia, noting that the region's geopolitical configuration has changed based on Iran's power.

He also said, "The US is now incapable of protecting the Zionist regime like it used to."

So, the Israeli regime has resorted to the strategy of "the war between the wars" or "war in the gray zone," noted the commander.

The main goal of such a strategy, he said, consists of attempting to weaken the constituents of Iran's power such as the Islamic Republic's nuclear, missile, drone, and regional might.

Nilforoushan identified the main principles of the strategy as engaging in "intelligence warfare and retaining the level of war beneath our threshold of tolerance."

As a means of confronting the strategy, the commander said, the Islamic Republic has attached special importance to "intelligence protection."

‘Resistance groups West Asia’s undisputed power’

The IRGC commander said, "The process of development and security arrangements has undergone substantial changes in the region. The growing pace of developments in Asia and the world's security and political arrangements have caused the United States' hegemonic power to fall apart.”

“Popular and non-governmental groups have now wielded more influence in the formation of regional power.”

Nilforoushan asserted that, "Dozens of popular resistance groups have, in conjunction with one another, turned into the West Asia region's undisputed power. Today, the world's unipolar system has fallen apart, and the region's geopolitics has changed based on the Islamic Republic's power.”

“The presence of great powers such as Russia, China, and Iran has shaped up a new situation, wherein the United States will not have a role."

Stating that the United States is after clawing back its power and slowing down the process of its disintegration, Nilforoushan said, "As a means of making up for this situation, [the US-led military alliance of] NATO is trying to expand eastwards and Israel is after eliminating the threats posed to its existence."

“The regime was brought to its knees on October 7 in the face of a [single] brigade hailing from the Islamic resistance, and has realized that it cannot confront the Islamic Revolution and the resistance. Israel is after [formulating] new plots aimed at making up for its defeats."

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