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Israel Gaza aggression
Several international aid agencies have warned about the serious repercussions of a decision by main donors to cut funding to the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA. Nearly 20 NGOs have censured the move as reckless, warning that the decision would endanger many civilian lives. The UNRWA has also said it will unable to continue its operations in Gaza and across the region beyond after February in case funding was not resumed. The UN body has lost half of its budget as over 15 countries including the US, UK, Germany and Canada have suspended funding. That after Israel accused some of the UNRWA staffs in Gaza of taking part in anti-Israeli operations.

Gaza hospitals under attack
The Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, says any deal with Israel must stop the brutal aggression on Gaza and result in the complete withdrawal of occupation forces from the Palestinian territory. Hamas political bureau chief Ismail Haniyeh said the movement is open to negotiations but an agreement must include an end to the Israeli siege as well as a genuine prisoner exchange. He made the remarks in reaction to a new ceasefire proposal put forward after talks in Paris. Meanwhile, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement said it would not engage in any prisoner exchange deal without a comprehensive ceasefire and Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza.

Israel  Jenin hospital raid
Israeli undercover forces have carried out a deadly attack on a hospital in the occupied West Bank , killing three Palestinians.The troops, disguised as medical staff and women, stormed the Ibn Sina Hospital in the city of Jenin. Israel has claimed that the victims had ties to Hamas. The hospital officials say the young men were assassinated while they were asleep. Following the raid, a general strike was announced in Jenin. The Palestinian health ministry has also called on the United Nations to stop Israel’s daily string of crimes against Palestinian people and health centers. The Palestinian foreign ministry described it as a heinous crime against humanity. Hamas has denounced the attack too, saying it won't go unpunished. Iran has strongly condemned what it called the barbaric act, saying it could pave the way for normalization of "organized terrorism" in the world.

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