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Iraqi resistance group says will ramp up attacks on US forces

Iraqi resistance group Nujaba says it will ramp up pressure on US forces despite withdrawal talks between Baghdad and Washington.

A major Iraqi resistance group says it will increase attacks on US forces despite efforts by the government in Baghdad to finalize a timetable for the withdrawal of foreign troops.

A commander of Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba said on Sunday that a renewed round of withdrawal talks between Iraq and the US military that started earlier this week will not affect the resistance group and its attacks on US positions.

“Iraq’s negotiations with the Americans will never cause a decline in efforts by the Islamic resistance against the outsiders and they will even cause us to pile more pressure on the occupiers,” said an unidentified Nujaba commander in an interview with the New Arab website.

Nujaba had announced in a statement on Saturday that Baghdad’s efforts to finalize a withdrawal timetable discussed with the foreign forces last year will not affect its recurrent attacks on US positions in Iraq and Syria.

The attacks, which started in October in response to US support for Israeli aggression on Gaza, have expanded in recent weeks to cover targets controlled by the Israeli regime in the occupied territories of Palestine.

Nujaba and other groups in Iraq, which operate under the umbrella organization of the Islamic Resistance in Iraq (IRI), have repeatedly said attacks on US positions in Iraq and Syria will continue until Israel ends its genocidal war on Gaza.

The IRI said in a statement on Sunday it had used several drones to target the positions of US forces in Erbil airport in northern Iraq.

It also said in a separate statement earlier in the day that several attacks had been mounted on targets controlled by US forces in three locations in Syria as well as on naval facilities in Haifa in the Israeli-occupied Palestine.

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