Gaza's turning point

The death toll has topped 25,000 men, women and children, with thousands more entombed under the rubble, presumed dead.

In Brussels, European Union foreign chiefs are indicating they have run out of patience with the lack of progress in ceasefire talks. Foreign ministers from the EU bloc held meetings with Palestinian representatives and the delegation from Tel Aviv demanding a push towards peace but are they not making demands of the wrong people? After all, in less than four months, the Israeli bombardment of Palestinians inside Gaza has caused the displacement of more than 85% of the population, the killing of 1% and an environmental catastrophe in the making. The EU, with few exceptions, has been a cheerleading arm of US policy towards Tel Aviv but it seems this position may be changing. Could this be a turning point for Gaza? Is it just possible that the genocide being waged on Palestinians inside Gaza has become even too unpalatable for Europeans to swallow?

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