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US Presidential election begins amid fears of chaos

Trump and Biden rematch

The 2024 US presidential election is shaping up to be a brutal campaign, with both candidates facing high disapproval ratings amid economic, political, and military disasters.

President Joe Biden's support for Israel's latest war on Gaza has angered his crucial base of young voters and could impact the election outcome.

The United States election campaign has just officially begun with 10 months left before going to the voting booth.

In Iowa ex-President, Donald Trump, easily won the Republican Party's kickoff to primary season, but he's still as controversial as ever.

Many openly claim that his return to the White House would produce Civil War, retribution tribunals, dictatorship, and even worse.

In New Hampshire, a revolt against the Democratic National Committee means local Democrats will soon hold a primary, which has been stripped of its delegates.

This is a reflection of the deep dissatisfaction within the party towards President Joe Biden. Many wonder if the previous election's unprecedented political activism and months of chaos will return.

Yeah, 2020 was crazy. I hope it's not as intense as that.

Member of Public 01

I think 2024 is going to look like 1968; the parallels are uncanny. Chicago convention, etc, etc. I think very good chance Biden will pull out in the first quarter of this year and will not be the nominee. So I think anything, anything and everything will happen.

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With both candidates having such high disapproval ratings, amid such an economic, political and military disaster, it's widely expected that both candidates will run extremely negative campaigns.

I'm expecting a brutal campaign. They're all garbage and in some way or another and hope for the best for the country. I mean, how I end up voting, I guess is my own particular decision when the time comes, but certainly don't like where the country is at today.

[Member of Public 03]

Biden's support for Israel's latest war on Gaza has deeply angered his critical base of young voters. Many Muslim and Arab Americans have vowed to not cast a vote for Biden. Either group could tip the balance in what polls expect to be the fourth consecutive presidential election to be decided by less than four and a half points.

I think that's the kryptonite for Joe Biden. He's screwed up that situation so badly that, you know, the younger generation has turned against him, and, if he continues with his stance on on Gaza. I don't see the younger generation coming back for his support [sic].

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The war against Gaza will also drastically shape congressional elections. A recent nationwide poll found that voters prefer candidates who support a ceasefire in Gaza to those who don't by a large two to one margin.

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