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Palestinian government rejects Israeli regime’s post-war Gaza vision

Armed Israeli regime forces standing outside a barbed wire fence surrounding a location in the occupied Palestinian lands. (File photo by AP)

The Palestinian government has strongly rejected an Israeli scheme referred to as the regime’s post-war Gaza vision, indicating that it is not open to the so-called “day after plan” for Gaza outlined by the Israeli regime war minister.

In a statement cited on Friday by the Palestinian news agency Wafa, the Palestinian presidency said it is committed to seeing an end to Israel’s occupation and to a future Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, under the framework of the Arab Peace Initiative.

The Palestine government “unequivocally [rejects] any plans that go beyond these parameters,” it said, according to the Wafa report.

Presidency rejects Israeli plans for post-war day, emphasizes priority on ending aggression


— Wafa News Agency - English (@WAFANewsEnglish) January 5, 2024

On Thursday, Yoav Gallant released his “day after plan” for the Gaza Strip that would turn governance of Gaza over to unnamed “Palestinian bodies,” while giving the Israeli regime security control over the Palestinian land.

This is after the Israeli forces complete their brutal months-long attacks against the besieged territory.

Gallant's scheme is part of a “vision for phase three” plan passed on to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s war cabinet on Monday.

The scheme calls for a civil administration of the Gaza Strip to be handed over to unspecified “Palestinian bodies” while the Israeli regime forces maintain armed control and the ability to carry out military raids and attacks within the Strip after the war.

Under the scheme, the Israeli war machine will continue its genocidal war on Gaza until it has secured the return of the hostages taken by the Hamas resistance movement on October 7 in a surprise operation named Al-Alqsa Storm, dismantled its  “governing capabilities” over Gaza, and removed any remaining threats in the Palestinian region, AFP reported.

Meanwhile, the United States has suggested a new roadmap for the failed two-state solution, saying the Gaza Strip be governed by a “revitalized” Palestinian Authority, based in the occupied West Bank.

Media reports say Gallant’s plan is contrary to what the Americans envisage in Washington's version of the so-called "day after concept”.

“The Americans have based their ideas on the fact that the PA would take over control or administration of Gaza,” according to Mike Hanna, reporting for the Qatari Al Jazeera news agency.

Since the Israeli regime launched its genocidal war on Gaza, the Zionist forces have killed at least 22,438 Palestinians and injured more than 57,614 Gazans, while still more are missing and presumed dead buried under the rubble in the region which is under “complete siege” by the Israeli regime forces.

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