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Iran: Washington in no position to accuse others; hatred of US surges globally over Gaza

Iran's Foreign Ministry

Iran has dismissed "worthless" US accusations that it is escalating tensions in the high seas, saying Washington, complicit in Israel’s genocidal war on the Gaza Strip, is “in no position” to make claims against Tehran.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kan’ani made the remarks at a weekly press briefing on Monday, after the Pentagon alleged that a chemical tanker operating in the Indian Ocean was struck by an Iranian attack drone.

He held the US responsible for the start of the Gaza on October 7 war and its continuation, saying its actions and support for Israel have increasingly incited intentional communities' hatred towards itself.

“We reject their (the Americans’) worthless claims, which clearly are politically motivated and are a blame game aimed at covering up the US’s crimes in Gaza,” he added.

“Iran has always ensured security in high seas, acted responsibly, and played an important role in maritime security and international trade through waters. Therefore, the US and no other parties are in a position to accuse Iran.”

In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph newspaper, UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron also claimed that Iran “is a thoroughly malign influence in the region and the world.”

Kan’ani said that Britain, which has always played a significant role in creating regional instability and insecurity, is legally and morally unfit to level accusations at Iran and other parties in the region.

“The UK is itself a defendant over the Gaza war, and of course, the country must be held accountable for its past and present actions concerning its role in establishing and supporting the Zionist regime as the most hated terrorist organization in the region,” he added.

‘Ending war crimes in Gaza a top priority for Iran’

Referring to talks between the Palestinian Hamas resistance group, Turkey, and Qatar, the diplomat said that Iran is in contact with all sides regarding the Palestine issue and that its top priority is to end the Israeli atrocities in Gaza.

“Dealing with secondary issues, especially the solutions proposed by the United States, are distracting,” he added.

“Iran’s top priority is to end the crimes of the Zionist regime and ensure the immediate dispatch of aid [to Gaza]. No one other than the Palestinian nation deserves to decide for itself.”

Israeli war on Gaza ‘strategic mistake’

The spokesman said that the Israeli regime made a “strategic mistake” by choosing to start a war on Gaza and that it made a “bigger strategic mistake” by continuing its aggression.

“The regime must understand that what it did against Lebanon in 2006 turned the resistance into a decisive power there. The same situation will be in Gaza and the resistance will emerge victorious,” he emphasized, referring to the 33-war in which Hezbollah defeated Israel.

‘Claims in Russia-Arabs joint statement action against Iran’s sovereignty’

Referring to a recent joint statement issued by several Arab countries and Russia on Iran’s three Persian Gulf islands, Kan’ani said that Iran considers “unacceptable” claims made in the statement an “action against its sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Asked about Iran’s relations with Egypt, he said that the two countries are on a good path to open a new chapter in their ties.

‘A cruel sentence’

He further said that a “cruel” sentence against former Iranian official Hamid Nouri does not mean the end of Iran’s efforts to secure his release.

Nouri was arrested upon arrival at Stockholm Airport in November 2019 and was immediately imprisoned.

The former Iranian judiciary official was put on trial on unfounded allegations staged against him by elements representing the MKO terrorist group that has openly boasted about carrying out terrorist operations against Iranian officials and civilians perceived to be supporters of the government.

The terrorist group had falsely claimed that Nouri was involved in the execution and torture of MKO members in 1988, baseless charges he has vehemently rejected.

Last July, a Swedish court sentenced Nouri to life imprisonment. A few days ago the Stockholm Court of Appeals upheld a life sentence for Nouri.

Iran has condemned the Swedish verdict against Nouri as ‘fundamentally unacceptable’.

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