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One dead in Paris knife attack ‘terrorism’, 15,000 killed in Gaza blitz ‘self-defense’

By Press TV Staff Writer

“Paris has been rocked by a terror attack, with a man fatally stabbing a German tourist and injuring two other people with a hammer,” said a 9 News Australia anchor early on Sunday.

The report pertained to an incident in the French capital on Saturday night in which an unidentified person stabbed to death a German tourist and injured two others, the French interior ministry said.

The suspected attacker was “quickly” arrested, French President Emmanuel Macron wrote in a post on X, adding that justice should now be done “in the name of the French people.”

“We will not give in to terrorism,” French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne was quoted as saying after the attack reportedly carried out by a 25-year-old French citizen near the iconic Eiffel Tower.

Soon after the news broke, all major mainstream news outlets described it as a “terror” attack.

Lemonde, a French daily afternoon newspaper, wrote that a German tourist was “stabbed to death in Paris terror attack” by a “radical Islamist” while two others were injured.

The report said the suspect, who lived with his parents in the Essonne region south of Paris, told police “he could not stand Muslims being killed in Afghanistan and Palestine."

France 24, a French state-owned international news network, wrote that a German tourist had been “fatally stabbed, two other people wounded in Paris terrorist attack.”

Euro News, a Brussels-based European television news network, followed the same “terror” narrative, with a headline: “German tourist fatally stabbed in Paris in a suspected terrorist attack.”

The incident on Saturday came less than a month after a teacher was killed in a knife attack at a high school in northern France, which came just a week after the Al-Aqsa Storm operation was launched.

In a report at the time, the Wall Street Journal wrote that a “teacher is killed in France in a suspected terrorist attack,” carefully employing the “terror attack” theory.

“France pays respects to teacher killed in school terror attack,” read the France 24 headline.

Sky News, in its report, said a “terror attack in French school” was “linked to Israel-Hamas conflict,” an attempt to attribute motive to the incident and find a way to invoke “terrorism” charges.

The report went on to say that police arrested a 20-year-old Russian-born man of Chechen origin, who “was on a watchlist of people known to be at risk of radicalization.”

While one person’s death in a knife attack in Paris is front-page headline material and dubbed a “terrorist attack”, the multiple massacres in the Gaza Strip since October 7 are no more news.

 In a meeting with Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu last month, Macron was quoted as saying that there were “too many civilian losses” in the Israeli regime’s aggression on Gaza.

He stopped short of describing it as “terrorism” and made no mention of justice and accountability “in the name of the Palestinian people” as he said in the case of a slain German tourist in Paris.

According to a statement released by Macron’s office, he said it was a “necessity to distinguish terrorists from the population”, essentially describing those resisting the Israeli aggression as “terrorists.”

In Paris, the one who kills is labeled as a “terrorist”, but in Gaza, the one getting killed is the “terrorist.”

More than 15,200 Palestinians have been killed since October 7, most of them children and women, amid the Israeli regime’s indiscriminate and sweeping bombing campaign.

According to the Palestinian government in Gaza, more than 70 percent of victims are children and women and over 40,000 people have been injured in the Zionist aggression.

More than 700 Palestinians have been killed in the past 24 hours alone – since the temporary truce expired and the regime resumed its aerial and ground blitzkrieg, according to Gaza authorities.

Human rights activists have called out the double standards displayed by Western leaders and their media, in the selective use of terrorism, based on who the victims and perpetrators are.

“One person dead in Paris is a tragedy and act of terrorism, but more than 15,000 Palestinians murdered in seven weeks in the blockaded Gaza Strip is an act of defense for Israel,” wrote social media user Irfan.

Pertinently, many of the Western leaders have brazenly defended the Israeli regime’s aggression against Palestinians in Gaza in recent weeks, saying the regime has the “right to defend itself.”

Netizens are asking how much is too much. “How many dead bodies will it take for the occupying regime to quench its thirst for the Palestinian blood? And what right to self-defense can an occupying regime that kills Palestinians for sport possibly have,” wrote Adeer, a social media user.

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