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Iran defense capabilities

Iran’s new domestically-made destroyer, Deylaman, has joined the country’s northern fleet. The warship is equipped with advanced defense and combat systems and is capable of navigating long distances. Deylaman’s flight deck also enables helicopters to land and take off. The design provides the vessel with capabilities to combat air, surface, and sub-surface threats.

'US complicit in Israeli crimes’

Iran has condemned the United States for providing unconditional support for Israel, saying Washington is the main culprit behind the regime’s massacre in Gaza. Kana’ani added the US administration provided political support for Israel in the United Nations Security Council and prevented the war from coming to an end. The spokesman made the comments during his weekly news briefing in the Iranian capital Tehran. Kana’ni noted that the biggest help Washington can provide is to stop its unflinching support for Israel. The Iranian diplomat reiterated that none of the agendas presented by the US has served as a solution to the issue of Palestine. He said such agendas have never been based on justice and reality.

Gaza truce

The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas says it is seeking to extend a four-day truce which came into effect in Gaza on Friday. In a statement, Hamas said it would like the ceasefire to be extended if the Israeli regime makes serious efforts to release more Palestinian prisoners. The movement added it would seriously proceed with a prisoner swap deal with Tel Aviv. The truce took effect in Gaza last Friday, giving Palestinians in the besieged territory a brief respite from Israel’s 7-week brutal war. The ceasefire was followed by a prisoner exchange agreed by the two sides. Civilians have borne the brunt of Israel’s relentless attacks on homes, hospitals, and schools since October the seventh.

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