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Israeli genocide in Gaza 

It’s been over one month and a half since Israel launched its deadly war on Gaza. The regime is relentlessly pounding the besieged strip with airstrikes and shelling, keeping Palestinians there in a perpetual state of pain and suffering. Dozens of Palestinians have been killed in fresh strikes targeting civilian infrastructure. They include a school hosting displaced Palestinians in an area west of Jabalia, in northern Gaza. Also in the north, at least nine houses were struck in the Beit Lahia region. And, at least 25 Palestinians were killed in the Nusey-rat camp in central Gaza. Hospitals are not spared from Israeli bombardment either. Doctors Without Borders, has expressed concern about the situation at Al-Shifa hospital, one of the hardest-hit health facilities since the war began. The Gaza death toll has surpassed thirteen-thousand-three-hundred, most of them women and children. Around 70 Israeli troops have been killed since the regime launched a ground offensive in Gaza.

Israeli war crimes 

The Iranian president has renewed his call for a unified effort to pressure the Israeli regime to end its ongoing onslaught against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Ebrahim Raeisi described Israel’s attacks on innocent women and children as tantamount to acts of terrorism. He expressed support for efforts to hold Israel accountable for its war crimes in the International Criminal Court. He also slammed the US for fuelling Israel’s killing machine and preventing international bodies from doing their job. Raeisi was addressing an emergency summit of the BRICS group of major emerging economies over the war on Gaza. During the virtual meeting, the South African president accused Israel of war crimes and genocide and urged a unified action to end what it called a historical injustice.

Attack on journalists 

The Lebanese television channel Al-Mayadeen says the Israeli regime deliberately targeted its media team in southern Lebanon, killing three of them. The attack killed Al-Mayadeen's correspondent Farah Omar and cameraman Rabih Me'mari, as well as a contributor to the channel. The channel’s director said the Israeli attack was a direct assault on journalists just after they finished their live broadcast from south Lebanon. Israel has been frequently bombarding southern Lebanon since October 8. Also, Lebanon’s resistance movement Hezbollah has launched rocket and artillery attacks on Israel in solidarity with the resistance in Gaza. 


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