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Meta suspends accounts of US politician over criticism of Israel

Former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein (AP photo)

The social media accounts of two-time Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein have been suspended by Meta, which owns and controls Instagram and Facebook.

Stein, who has already announced her 2024 bid for the US presidency, said on Thursday on X, formerly known as Twitter, that after refusing to help her regain access to her Instagram account, Meta disabled her new account, claiming it violated rules on "account integrity & authentic identity".

Meta informed Stein on Wednesday that no one could see or find her account, and she cannot use it.

Also, the US Big Tech firm decided to permanently delete all her information.

Earlier, the pro-Palestine Stein had issued warnings about the brutal genocide now taking place in the Gaza Strip in plain sight.

In another posting on X, she said she wanted to speak about the current massacre taking place before our eyes in Palestine.

She called for an investigation of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the war crimes committed in Gaza as well as the role of US President Joe Biden in aiding and abetting the Zionists in their crimes.

She insisted that above all the genocide “must stop now!"

She said above all else Israel’s attacks on Gaza must stop immediately.

“President Biden and bipartisan leaders are not only complicit, but they are full partners in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's crimes.”

“We call for an investigation of the Netanyahu regime's war crimes as well as the role of Biden and US leaders in aiding and abetting them,” Stein said in a video posted on X.

“The war crimes being perpetrated by Netanyahu against Palestinians… are in a league of their own and have reached genocidal proportions with Palestinians denied food, water and electricity while being relentlessly bombed as they are forced to flee from their homes, running for their lives.”

“For all those reasons, we demand a ceasefire, an end to the (Israeli) blockade, humanitarian and medical relief, the release of the hostages and political prisoners, and an end to occupation and Apartheid. This is the path to peace and security for us all.”

According to the Gaza-based Health Ministry, Israel has killed more than 11,500 Palestinians since it ignited its war machine on October 7 after resistance groups led by Hamas launched Operation Al-Aqsa Storm into the Zionist-occupied territories.

The Apartheid regime has also blocked access to water, food, medicine, fuel and power to Gaza, plunging the residential areas razed to the ground by Israeli forces into a dire humanitarian crisis.

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