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President Macron: 'Israel's actions have no legitimacy'

French President Emmanuel Macron speaks during an international humanitarian conference for the civilian population in Gaza in Paris (Photo by EPA)

After five weeks of shocking war crimes committed against Palestinians by Israel, official Western pressure is finally mounting on Tel Aviv, with the French President declaring that Israel's actions lack legitimacy.

French President Emmanuel Macron admitted in an interview that Israel's actions have, "no legitimacy", further adding that "these babies, these ladies, these old people, are bombed and killed, so there is no reason for that. So we do urge Israel to stop".

Citizen pressure on Tel Aviv continues with marches worldwide with over 10,000 marching across Paris.

To finally extend actual support to the Palestinians we will force Israel to accept a ceasefire.

This is an attempted genocide and the children (are) dying every day.

 Protestor 01

The deliberate targeting of civilians has left over 11,000 Palestinians fatalities with more dead civilians in one month than in over one and a half years of Russia's special military operation in Ukraine.

Many say that Israel 75 year long brutality, repression, and human rights violations are out in the open like never before, and that things will never be the same again.

Global opinion has changed because all these videos on Twitter and Instagram make it crystal clear who the aggressor is.

And the double standard with Ukraine is also obvious.

The French government constantly cried that this was a scandal, but then they remain silent as Gazans die day and night. 

Protestor 02

Israel has increased its bombing and murder in Lebanon, further sparking the possibility of a major multinational war.

As Lebanese, firstly, we are concerned by the crisis that's happening in Gaza, because Lebanon was previously occupied by Israel in 1982.

Beirut was the second Arab capital occupied by Israel. And so we've had the bitter taste of occupation before by the Israelis, currently the south of Lebanon is under attack by Israel.

This conflict can turn into a regional conflict with Hezbollah getting involved, Israel instigating Lebanese parties, the Syrians, the Iranians, the Yemenis, into this conflict.

Protestor 03

This week, at the first Western-hosted summit on Palestine, Macron said the clear conclusion was that "There is no other solution than a humanitarian pause and then going on to a ceasefire."

Marchers in Paris hope that Washington and Tel Aviv will heed their call for an end to the senseless killing of innocent women and children in Palestine.

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