Dishonest brokers

Washington is a dishonest broker in the Israel-Palestine conflict.

For those unfamiliar with US politics, Secretary of State Blinken’s whistlestop visit to the region where he met with leaders in Jordan, Iraq, the PA and elsewhere could have been seen as a diplomatic mission to find a stop the bombardment of Gaza by Israel. Instead, it was little more than a diplomatic PR offensive to make weak calls for a ‘humanitarian corridor, the safe passage of foreigners out of the besieged territory via the Rafah crossing’ and other platitudes. Washington could bring Tel Aviv to heel by simply withdrawing support for its murderous campaign. Simply threatening to withdraw the annual funding Israel enjoys courtesy of US taxpayers every year would do the trick. How can the entity that passed a $14.5 BN aid package to the occupying force (in the middle of the genocidal campaign, no less) claim to be on the search to peace? As the death toll of Palestinians top 10,000 in this four-week ethnic cleansing campaign, can the US and other dishonest brokers in the crisis step aside?

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