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Palestine Solidarity: Pakistanis boycott US and Israeli brands

Pakistanis Boycott US and Israel

As Israel intensifies its military operation in Gaza, public sentiment in Pakistan has shifted sharply against companies and brands that are perceived to be pro-Israel or pro-America.

Social media campaigns have been launched calling for a boycott of popular international brands like McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, Coke, Pepsi and many others.

Influencers and public figures are using their platforms to urge people to refrain from purchasing from these companies, which are seen as supportive of Israel and the United States.

To demonstrate our support for Palestinians, we can impose bans on products from companies that are directly or indirectly backing Israel.

I urge people worldwide to rise beyond religious or national differences and stand together in the name of humanity by boycotting pro-Israeli and pro-American companies.

Pakistani Shopper 1

The ongoing war on Gaza has fueled a wave of anger and frustration among Pakistanis who view these companies as complicit in the violence and suffering of Palestinians.

By refusing to purchase products from companies that support Israel, we can show our solidarity with Palestinians and contribute to their cause.

Let's unite in the face of this humanitarian crisis and send a powerful message by boycotting companies that contribute to the suffering of the Palestinians.

Pakistani Shopper 2

As a result of this boycott, the sales of pro-Israeli companies in Pakistan have witnessed a record decline in recent weeks.

Ever since the boycott campaign started, we have noticed a significant drop in sales of the US and Israeli made products.

Customers are increasingly avoiding products that are associated with the United States or Israel, and it's impacting our business.

The boycott has really hit us hard. People are not buying his products anymore. They prefer local products.

Jhafar Ali Shah, Islamabad Traders Union

In response, these businesses are actively leveraging social media to try to recover their market share and restore their public image.

The call for a boycott of pro-Israeli companies is a testament to the deep empathy and concern of Pakistanis for the plight of the Palestinian people and their desire to contribute to a resolution of the conflict.

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