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Massive fines for pro-Palestinian protesters in Paris as permit revoked

Paris Protests

The sudden revocation of the permit for a pro-Palestine protest march gave the French police legal justification to use a tool of political repression not seen since the yellow vests, massive fines.

Just 90 minutes before a highly anticipated pro-Palestine march across Paris was due to commence last weekend against Israel's war atrocities in Gaza, local authorities suddenly revoked the permit for the protest.

The sudden last minute revocation gave the French police legal justification to use a tool of political repression not seen since the yellow vests, massive fines.

Of the close to 4,000 people present, 1,400 protesters were given fines of €135 each. This equates to nearly €200,000 extracted from the pockets of peaceful demonstrators, many of whom did not even know about the last minute banning of the protest.

Some of the fines may be dropped due to the controversial cancellation; however, the initial figures were widely relayed by the media.

The fines are an obvious instrument being used to dissuade people from supporting Palestine publicly.

However, many activists say they will never stop protesting Israel's attempted genocide against Gaza.

I think the government is finally realizing this and that they just can't give such a huge number of fines over and over.

Nicolas Shahshahani, Europalestine

The use of mass fines is the latest example of how France has, effectively, criminalized public support of Palestine and also silenced dissent against what is widely perceived as one sided support for Tel Aviv despite Israeli war crimes which have shocked the world.

We must recall that this is just one element of the French government's absolute support for Israel. We saw Macron recently suggest that the West's anti ISIL coalition actually be used against the people of Gaza.

He also sought a nationwide ban on all pro-Palestinian marches. He has constantly waved a false flag of anti-semitism and tried to ban the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign...

Nicolas Shahshahani, Europalestine

Demonstrations against Israeli atrocities have effectively been banned nationwide since October 7th, with only two legal protests having been allowed so far in Paris.

Two protests are planned in Paris later this week, but many say it's difficult to trust that the government will consistently honor their constitutional right to freedom of assembly and freedom of speech, when it comes to Palestine.

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