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Putin: US, West to blame for Gaza crisis, they need constant chaos in West Asia

Russian President Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting of members of his Security Council and the government and the heads of law enforcement agencies, in Moscow, Russia, on October 30, 2023. (Photo by Sputnik via Reuters)

Russia's president says the United States and its Western allies are to blame for the ongoing crisis in the besieged Gaza Strip, where the Israeli regime has killed thousands of Palestinians as part of its devastating war on the territory.

In a televised statement on Monday, Vladimir Putin said the "ruling elites of the US" and their satellites stand behind the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

"We must clearly understand who is really behind the tragedy of the peoples of the Middle East and other regions of the world, who is organizing the deadly chaos, and who benefits from it.... It is the current ruling elites of the United States and their satellites that are the main beneficiaries of global instability. They extract their blood rent from it," Putin said.

"The terrible events that are now taking place in the Gaza Strip, when hundreds of thousands of innocent people are being indiscriminately killed, who simply have nowhere to run, [and] nowhere to hide from the bombings, cannot be justified in any way," the Russian president said.

More than 8,300 Palestinians have been killed in the Israeli war of aggression on Gaza, which started on October 7 following an operation staged by resistance groups based in the territory.

"They (the West) need constant chaos in the Middle East. Therefore, [the US] does its best to discredit those countries that insist on an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, on stopping the bloodshed, and are ready to make a real contribution to resolving the crisis and not (feeding) like parasites on it," Putin said.

Russia has already declared that it backs an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, and has thrown its weight behind the United Nations Security Council resolutions that mandate that prospect.

The United States, which invariably supplies the Israeli regime with unstinting political and military support, has, however, been vetoing those resolutions that either hold the regime responsible for its atrocities or call for cessation of its aggression.

The US even voted against a resolution calling for implementation of an immediate "humanitarian truce" in the Gaza Strip, which passed overwhelmingly at the UN General Assembly.

"Palestine can only be helped by fighting those who are behind this tragedy," the Russian president said.

Putin added, "The key to resolving the conflict is the creation of a sovereign independent Palestinian state, [and] a fully-fledged Palestinian state. We have frankly and openly spoken about this ... more than once."

Putin had announced earlier in October that Moscow fully supports the establishment of a Palestinian state, stressing that his country has always supported implementation of the UN Security Council's decision on that matter.

He also called the eruption of violence between Israel and the Palestinians a vivid example of the failure of US policy in West Asia.

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