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Mahathir Mohamad: US behind Israeli genocide of Palestinians in Gaza

Former Malaysian Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad has strongly condemned Israel's relentless aggression against Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Dr. Mahathir said the United States is behind the Israeli genocide of Palestinians in Gaza.

The interview with Dr. Mahathir by Al Jazeera Arabic was conducted on Sunday against the backdrop of escalating Israeli atrocities against Palestinians in Gaza.

He said Israel is pursuing a strategy that "seems to be bent on killing as many Palestinians in Gaza as possible."

“Israel wants to get rid of Palestinians altogether by killing them in full view of the whole world”, he stated.   

The former prime minister did not mince words in his critique of Israel's brutal actions, saying the regime's defiance of international law is only possible because of its close relationship with the United States.

"Israel is able to behave in this way, defying international law because behind Israel, there is the United States, and the United States supports everything that Israel does, including war crimes," Dr. Mahathir said.

He denounced the influence of the United States in the United Nations Security Council, asserting that any resolution not in favor of Israel is likely to be vetoed by Washington.

Dr. Mahathir called on the American people to take a stand against their government's pro-Israel policies, suggesting that the decisions and actions of the US government might not reflect the views of its citizens.

Dr. Mahathir stressed the importance of condemning Israel's inhuman actions and severing diplomatic relations with the regime.

He called on Islamic countries to unite in disapproving of Israel's crimes, recognizing that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) faces obstacles in reaching a unanimous decision due to dissenting member states.

When discussing the Israeli occupation of Palestine, Dr. Mahathir emphasized the historical context, noting that Palestinian land was seized by Israel, and the Palestinians are fighting to regain what was taken from them.

He clarified that the struggle of Palestinians should not be equated with terrorism, highlighting the need to differentiate between acts of terrorism and the fight to regain their country. 

The former prime minister also discussed the role of the international community, with particular attention to the United States' culpability for Israel's unlawful actions.

He stressed that the world's ability to act against Israeli aggression against Palestinians is limited because of the US influence and readiness to support Israel.

In conclusion, Dr. Mahathir expressed concerns about Israel's intentions, suggesting that they aim to exacerbate problems in Gaza, such as access to medicine and water, to weaken the resolve of the Palestinian population.

He warned of a potential land invasion by Israel and reiterated the urgent need for international condemnation of Israel's actions, and called for an immediate ceasefire. 

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