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IRGC chief: Israel can’t fight against Hamas; Gaza to become its graveyard in case of ground attack

Members of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Palestinian Hamas resistance, parade in Gaza City. (File photo by DPA)

The chief commander of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says the Israeli military is incapable of fighting against fighters from the Palestinian Hamas resistance movement, warning that the Gaza Strip will turn it into a graveyard the regime’s forces in a ground invasion.

“The Israelis have been defeated in all ground offensives so far. They do not possess the capability to fight against Hamas. Ground [battle] is the métier of Hamas. If they (Israeli troops) choose a battle on the ground, they will be swallowed up and Gaza will turn into their burial ground,” Major General Hossein Salami said at a ceremony in the western Iranian city of Khorramabad on Saturday.

He went on to highlight that the Tel Aviv regime suffered an “exceptional, unprecedented, shocking and stinging” blow as a result of the Operation al-Aqsa Storm launched by Hamas on October 7.

“The frenetic and insane reactions of Israel and its sponsors demonstrate that they are confused and baffled, and have lost their mental balance,” the general emphasized.

 He stated that the United States has been crafting fiendish plots against Muslim nations for decades, asking, “What is the point in the presence of Zionists in the heart of the Muslim world?”

“They (Zionists) are after destabilizing Muslim territories. We would not witness anything other than misdeeds and insecurity as long as they are present here. They fostered extremism and radicalism somewhere else in order to plunge the [entire] Muslim world into crisis,” Salami said.

The IRGC chief also described the status quo in the 1948 Israeli-occupied territories as fairly terrible, stating that European officials’ trips to Tel Aviv are part of efforts to breathe new life into the regime and think of how to recover from the heavy defeat suffered from Palestinians.

Salami then lashed out at the US, Britain, Germany and other sponsors of Israel, saying they are in cahoots with each other to decimate Palestinian children.

“They should come to realize that Gaza will stand resiliently. Enemies will eventually have to withdraw from the region in humiliation as has been the case in all previous wars,” the IRGC chief noted.

The Israeli regime has been waging war against Gaza since October 7, when fighters from Hamas resistance movement and other groups launched an operation against the occupying entity in response to its intensified crimes against the Palestinian people.

The death toll in Gaza since the start of Israeli aggression has reached over 7,400 with more than 20,500 wounded.

Tel Aviv has, meanwhile, been threatening to launch a ground invasion against the coastal territory.

The UN General Assembly overwhelmingly passed a resolution on Friday, calling for the implementation of an immediate "humanitarian truce" in Gaza.

The vote at the General Assembly came after the United Nations Security Council failed four times to take action due to the US's recurrently casting its veto against relevant resolutions.

The United States and Israel's other Western backers have supported the regime's murderous crimes in Gaza as a means of "self-defense."

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