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French trade unions march for Palestine in Paris

French labour unions and organisations calling for peace and an immediate ceasefire in Gaza during a demonstration at Place de la Republique in Paris, on Oct 22, 2023. PHOTO: REUTERS

After weeks of banning pro Palestinian demonstrations, French trade unions led the second approved protest in Paris to denounce the increasing atrocities of Israel.

Indiscriminate Israeli bombardment of civilian areas has reached a tragic new peak and the continuation of the illegal siege is a tragic new low in modern Western imperialism.

Top officials from around the world, including the United Nations, are increasingly condemning Israel for what they agree are clear violations of international humanitarian law.

Why isn't Israel just honest? If they want all the land of the Palestinians, then say so, if they want peace, then stop attacking civilians and innocent people. Everyone needs to be honest about what they want.

And the people of every religion are, obviously, against these crimes and atrocities waged by Israel.

We demand that all Arabs and all Muslims move on behalf of Palestine.

Demonstrator 01

The rally came on the same day as President Emmanuel Macron's visit to Israel where he, shockingly, proposed using the Western coalition which alleged to fight Daesh to now fight against Hamas.

Macron is often called the most pro Zionist French president ever; he tried to ban the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign, and incorrectly criminalized anti Zionism as anti-semitism.

But the idea of a war on a democratically elected party caused widespread and immediate backlash against the idea that French troops would accept going to fight against Hamas,

The idea of such a coalition is totally unacceptable. Macron is using the language of a true war monger.

He has no right to speak in the name of the French people, who refuse to add his threat of war to the tragedies of the Palestinian people.

Demonstrator 02

Pro Palestinian rallies continue to be banned around the nation undermining France's perpetual boasting of being ardent defenders of the freedom of speech and assembly.

The nation's media are increasingly reporting that public opinion is starting to shift against Israel because of their obvious war crimes, even among the political class.

There may come a point where a very unpopular president may have to pull back from his longtime stance of unconditional support for Israel.

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