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Liberation of Palestine begins with closure of US military bases in West Asia

By Harun Elbinawi

The ‘Al-Aqsa Sword Operation’ that the Palestinian resistance launched in the wee hours of October 7 morning marked a milestone in the history of more than 75 years of illegal occupation of Palestine.

The surprise military operation destroyed any hope of the permanence of the racist apartheid Israeli entity which is an imperialist project of Western hegemony in the West Asia region.

The immediate decision taken by governments in Washington and London to send dozens of warships to the shores of occupied Palestine underlined the fact that they are the protectors of the Israeli entity.

Joe Biden and Rishi Sunak not only backed the apartheid regime but amplified its propaganda.

For Muslim nations who have or still are mulling normalization with the illegitimate regime in Tel Aviv, the present Israeli aggression against the people of Palestine has proved beyond any doubt that US imperialism, arrogance and terrorism is the biggest enemy of Islam and Muslims.

The US regime militarily and financially supports the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Muslim countries that host US military bases have betrayed Islam and the cause of Palestinians.

It is akin to hosting Israeli military bases. The bombs the Israeli regime has been raining down on hapless Palestinian children in the besieged Gaza Strip were given to them by the US regime free of charge.

The largest US air base outside the country is in Qatar and the largest US naval base is in Bahrain.

These US bases are not protecting the Muslim population but are meant to protect the racist apartheid Israeli regime, the biggest project of the Western hegemonic barbarians in human history.

These Muslim nations hosting US military bases cannot claim support for the freedom of Palestine. They are indirectly complicit in the ongoing genocide of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

These are two contradictions that can never co-exist. It is either you support the total liberation of Palestine or you host US military bases to oppose the freedom of Palestine.

The bomb that murdered 500 Palestinian civilians in a Gaza hospital was a US-made bomb.  The jet that transported that bomb was manufactured in the United States.

The satellite that coordinated that heinous crime against humanity was also made in the US.

All Muslims should always remember this. If you are a Muslim, the US regime is your sworn enemy. Statistically, the US regime is the biggest killer of Muslims in history.

They murdered more Muslims than the Genghis Khan hoards of the past. Since the 9/11 attacks, the US regime has murdered more than 5 million Muslims and displaced more than 35 million.

Which enemy is worse than this? It was the US regime that led the Western hegemonic barbarians to destroy the Muslim countries of Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Libya.

For more than 40 years, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been reeling under unjust US sanctions. The Western sanctions were intended to starve Iranians to their death – another form of genocide.

Inference: The struggle to liberate Palestine from more than 75 years of illegal Israeli occupation starts with the closure of US military bases and the expulsion of US troops from Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Niger, Iraq and Syria.

They are there to protect the racist apartheid Israeli entity. Imam Khomeini was right to call the US regime “The Great Satan.” And why should a Muslim bring the biggest Satan to his house?

The major challenge of the Palestinian resistance is getting weapons due to the blockade.

If Hamas and other brave Palestinian resistance groups had bombs that would kill 500 people at a time like the one used by the Israeli regime to bomb the Gaza hospital, the Israeli regime would not exist. That illegal occupation would have ended a long time ago.

Unfortunately, the majority of Muslim-Arab governments have betrayed Palestine.

Just imagine if these countries were doing half of what Iran and its allies are doing to support Palestine, the apartheid Israeli regime would not exist today. Conversely, the entire Western hegemony is in support of the Israeli regime.

Any weapons that they have, the racist Israeli barbarians must have them. They send more than $10bn to the Israeli regime every year as aid.

The Muslim population in countries where US military bases are located should rise up and insist on the closure of all these US military bases because they are there to protect the Israeli entity.

Harun Elbinawi is a Nigerian political and public affairs analyst.

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