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Iraq’s Hezbollah vows to target US bases if Washington aids Israel

The photo shows USS Gerald R. Ford in the Atlantic Ocean on March 19, 2023. (By the US Navy)

Iraq’s anti-terror group Kata’ib Hezbollah has threatened to target American bases in Iraq and the entire region if the United States intervenes in the ongoing fighting between Palestinian resistance fighters and the Israeli regime.

“Our missiles, drones, and special forces are ready to … strike the American enemy in its bases and disrupt its interests if it intervenes in this battle,” Hezbollah Brigades Secretary General Abu Hussein Al-Hamidawi said in a statement on Tuesday.

The positions held by the Israeli regime and its mercenaries will also be among Kata’ib Hezbollah’s targets in case of US meddling, he added.

The warning came on the same day the administration of US President Joe Biden announced that the USS Gerald R. Ford Carrier Strike Group had arrived in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Hamidawi emphasized that the Iraqi Hezbollah has a duty to stand in solidarity with the Palestinians, citing religious commandments.

He further praised the resilience of the Palestinian nation and resistance groups against Israeli forces.

On Monday, the head of the Iraqi resistance group Harakat Hezbollah Nujaba said that any intervention by the US or any other country against Palestine would result in a military response.

Akram al-Kaabi also called on the Iraqi people to participate in Friday’s rally in a show of support for the Palestinian cause.

Similarly, Hadi al-Amiri, the secretary general of the Badr Organization, said, “If they (the Americans) intervene, we would intervene ... we will consider all American targets legitimate.”

Israel launched deadly strikes on the blockaded Gaza Strip on Saturday after the Palestinian Hamas resistance movement waged a surprise attack, dubbed Operation Al-Aqsa Storm, against the occupying regime.

Hamas said that its operation came in response to Israel’s violations at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied East al-Quds and growing settler violence.

According to the Gaza Health Ministry, at least 950 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli strikes so far.

Meanwhile, Basim al-Awadi, spokesperson of the Iraqi government, expressed Baghdad’s support for the Palestinian people’s aspirations and legitimate rights.

“Today’s Palestinian actions respond to longstanding oppression by the Zionist occupation, which ignores international resolutions. We urge global intervention to restore Palestinian rights, cautioning against escalation that could destabilize the region, and call for an urgent Arab League meeting on the Palestinian situation,” he said in a statement. 

Similarly, Iraqi President Abdul Latif Rashid reiterated his country’s steadfast position on the Palestine issue and voiced full support for the oppressed nation.

He strongly condemned the brutal Israeli attacks and urged the international community to assume its legal and moral responsibilities in a bid to ensure the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.

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