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Iranians hold nationwide ceremonies, hail Palestinians' large-scale operation against Israel

This picture taken in the Iranian capital city of Tehran on October 7, 2023, shows people celebrating the victory of Palestinians' in the ongoing Operation al-Aqsa Storm against the Israeli regime. (via Fars News Agency)

Iranian people have held ceremonies across the country, hailing the resounding victory of Palestinian resistance groups in their ongoing large-scale operation against the Israeli regime.

Operation al-Aqsa Storm, the biggest to be carried out by Palestinian resistance groups against the occupying regime in years, began early morning on Saturday. It has featured heavy rocket barrages and surprise attacks by resistance fighters against Israeli forces and settlers in the occupied territories. So far, around 300 Israelis have died as a result of the operation and thousands of others have been injured, hundreds of them critically.

Resistance leaders have described the operation as a decisive answer to the Israeli regime's unabated campaign of bloodshed and destruction against Palestinians.

In the capital Tehran, people gathered in the iconic Palestine Square as well as in front of the Palestine Embassy to celebrate the victory of resistance fighters over Israel.

Iranian people and students hold a celebration in front of Palestine Embassy in the capital city, Tehran, to hail the victory of Palestinian resistance groups in their ongoing operation against the Israeli regime, on October, 7, 2023. (via Fars News Agency)

The gathering in Tehran in front of Palestine Embassy was attended by people from different walks of life as well as students from various universities, who rejoiced over the victory while waving Palestinian and resistance groups' flags.

The participants declared their support for the Palestinian fighters by chanting "Death to America," "Death to Israel," and other pro-Palestinian slogans.

Tehran’s Azadi (Freedom) Tower (shown below) was also decorated with Palestinian flag and pro-Palestine slogans through video mapping.

Iranian students taking part in the celebration voiced their unwavering support for the Palestinian resistance's operation while calling for its continuation.

"The resistance front's measures come in response to years of massacre of innocent [Palestinian] people by the infanticidal Zionist regime," said one of the students, adding, "We support the resistance front's successful measures, and demand that such victorious operations continue."

Many of the participants held up pictures of Iran's martyred anti-terror commander, Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani. They honored the general's memory, saying Palestinians' current victory is the result of his years-long fortification of the regional resistance front and fight against terrorism.

Elsewhere throughout the country, Iranians celebrated Palestinians' victory in the holy city of Mashhad, the central cities of Isfahan and Yazd, as well as in Arak, Zanjan Shiraz, Bushehr, and Kerman, among numerous other nationwide locations.

They gathered in the main squares and mosques of those cities while carrying the national flags of Iran as well as those of Palestine and its resistance groups, describing the recent victory over Israel as a major triumph for all justice-seeking people across the globe.

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