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British police officer charged with murder of young Black man

UK Police Brutality (Getty)

One year since the fatal shooting of black Londoner, Chris Kaba, the British police officer alleged to have shot him in the head has been charged with murder.

The officer who has been granted anonymity by a court order is known by the codename NX 121 and has been remanded in custody, which means he'll stay in jail until his court case, which is due to start next year.

The killing of Kaba sparked anti government protests in the UK and once more shone the spotlight on persistent accusations of British police brutality and institutional racism.

His family released a statement welcoming the news of the murder charge and reiterated their calls for justice to be served.

Chris was so very loved by our family and all his friends. He had a bright future ahead of him but his life was cut short.

Our family and our wider community must see justice for Chris. We welcome this charging decision which could not have come too soon.

Now we await the trial of the Firearms Officer without delay and hope and pray that justice will be served.

Kaba Family Spokesperson

Chris Kaba was unarmed at the time of his killing caused by a single bullet fired to the head by a police officer as he drove through the south of the British capitol.

His family have said many times they believe that if Chris was white, the police would have responded differently and that he'd still be alive today.

Supporters say that while the charge is welcome they must keep the pressure up to ensure some semblance of justice is served to Mr. Kaba's family.

Stephanie Lightfoot Bennett's twin brother, Liam Patterson, was killed in police custody over three decades ago. And she's acutely aware of the process families have to go through in their fight for accountability

In order for justice to be seen, and for the wider public to feel safe with the history of the Met Police, and the police in general, we need to keep this pressure up.

 We need to bring these officers, and any future officers, to book. The one way we can keep up pressure is to march and have our voices heard.

Every last Saturday of October, United Families and Friends Campaign march from Trafalgar Square at midday, down White Hall, to demonstrate; so the families’ voices can be heard.

Stephanie Lightfoot Bennett, United Families and Friends Campaign

The charge of Officer NX 121 will only renew the focus on Britain's security services, from long standing charges of institutional racism, an epidemic of sexual assaults by police officers, and, the ongoing persecution of journalists, trust in the police force is at an all time low.

And as things stand doesn't look like it will be restored among the public anytime soon.

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