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Iran President CNN interview

The Iranian president has categorically rejected accusations that the country’s move to enrich uranium at the 60 percent purity level was aimed at building an atomic bomb. In an interview with CNN, Ebrahim Raeisi said Tehran ramped up enrichment only after European countries trampled upon their commitments under the 2015 deal. He said if the European signatories return to the deal and fulfill their obligations at any time, Iran will undoubtedly comply with its commitments as it has done in the past. Elsewhere in his interview, the president said US-mediated efforts to normalize Israel’s relations with some Persian Gulf Arab states, including Saudi Arabia, will fail. This comes as Riyadh has reportedly informed Washington of its decision to suspend all negotiations on normalizing ties with Israel.

Iraq new monetary policy

Iraq says it will replace the US dollar with its national currency, dinar, in all transactions inside the country. The Central Bank of Iraq has announced the plan, which will come into effect next year. The governor of the bank said the currency provided to travelers is not subject to the decision. Ali Mohsen al-Allaq also said most businesspeople have entered the official transfer channel of providing one dollar at the price of around 1,300 Iraqi dinars. He added, the measure has helped decrease inflation rate.

French withdrawal from Niger

France says it has decided to recall its ambassador from Niger amid tensions between the two countries since a military coup that took place in the West African nation in July. Macron also said French troops will withdraw from Niger in the months ahead, adding that a full pullout will take place by the end of the year. Niger’s military government has welcomed Macron’s announcement as a historic moment and a new step toward sovereignty. The military government said the withdrawal of French troops is in line with the determination of the Nigerien people. Niger’s military rulers had told the French ambassador to leave following the coup that toppled the pro-France government of former president, Mohamed Bazoum. Since the military takeover, anti-French sentiments have been growing in the Sahel country, with protests being held against the presence of French troops there.

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