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Libya deadly floods

The death toll from catastrophic flooding in Libya's eastern city of Derna has climbed to 11,300. The figure is expected to rise with the UN saying another 10,000 people are still missing in the city. Outside Derna, the flooding took an additional 170 lives. Search and rescue efforts are continuing nearly a week after Storm Daniel hit northeastern Libya. The UN says the humanitarian situation remains particularly grim in Derna, where two dams have collapsed. Severe drinking water problems have now gripped the city. In surrounding areas, the UN has also warned of the dangers of landmines shifting from floodwaters, threatening civilians. Libya has been plagued by intermittent armed conflict for years.

Iran-IAEA cooperation

Iran says it will continue its positive cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency despite the decision to bar some of the agency’s inspectors assigned to the country. Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman issued the statement after IAEA chief Rafael Grossi criticized Tehran for barring several inspectors. Nasser Kanani said Iran’s decision was based on its safeguards agreement with the agency, which allows countries to veto inspectors. Elaborating on the reason behind the move, Kanani said Iran had earlier warned about the consequences of attempts to politicize the agency. He was referring to an anti-Iran statement by the US, Britain, France and Germany at the IAEA’s Board of Governors this week, which accused the country of non-compliance with its commitments. Kanani said these countries exploited the IAEA’s Board of Governors to advance their anti-Iran political agenda, despite the fact that Iran had engaged in constructive and positive cooperation with the agency. 

Australia indigenous rights

Thousands of Australians take to the streets in major cities to rally support for the October 14 referendum on whether to recognize first nations in the constitution. The Walk for Yes demonstrators marched in Sidney, Melbourne and capital Canberra, among other places. They held signs demanding that the indigenous people are given a voice to address the inequalities they face. That is through constitutional rights to be consulted on policies that affect them. The indigenous now have shorter lives than other Australians, have poorer education and are far more likely to die in police custody. The rally comes as the reforms are losing public support with just 40 percent backing it, a turnaround since a year ago.

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