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Israeli crimes

Condemnations are pouring in over Israel’s forced stripping of 5 Palestinian women during a July raid in the occupied West Bank. Dozens of Jordanian lawmakers have denounced the offensive move, calling for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador to Amman. The lawmakers also urged the government to recall its envoy from Tel Aviv. They called on other parliaments around the world to take practical measures against the regime’s crimes against humanity. The Jordanian MPs underlined that the abuses of Palestinian women by Israeli forces shows the regime’s moral decadence. The United Nations has also called for a thorough examination into the Israeli violation. Plus, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation has urged international bodies to put pressure on Israel to end its daily breaches of human rights in Palestine. Anger boils since Monday when Israeli media reported that soldiers had forced five Palestinian women in al-Khalil city to undress and walk in front of their children.

G20 summit

Security is tight in India’s capital New Delhi ahead of the G20 summit at the weekend. The Group of 20 is an inter-governmental forum made up of the European Union and 19 rich countries. The two-day summit aims to address issues of global concern like economy, food and energy security as well as the war in Ukraine. However, there are divisions at the G20 over those issues, especially the Ukraine war. That has already raised doubts about whether participants would be able to put together a final declaration. The West, led by the US, wants a clear condemnation of the Ukraine conflict. China and Russia don’t accept that. Plus, leaders from these two countries are not attending the summit. Instead, the Russian foreign minister and the Chinese premier are scheduled to attend. That makes things harder. Developing countries’ repayment of their debts is another thorny issue in the event.

DPRK nuclear-armed sub

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea says it has launched its first tactical nuclear attack submarine. According to the country’s state media, the submarine has been assigned to the fleet patrolling the waters between the Korean peninsula and Japan. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un attended the ceremony. Kim said arming the navy with nuclear weapons is an urgent task that cannot be delayed in view of the enemies' aggressive moves. The new development came amid joint military drills by the United States and South Korea. Pyongyang sees such exercises as rehearsals for invasion of its territory. Last week, the DPRK staged a simulated tactical nuclear attack drill using mock atomic warheads attached to two long-range cruise missiles.

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