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Palestinian resistance

Palestinian resistance fighters have clashed with Israeli forces near the occupied West Bank city of Jenin. The clashes happened in the village of Kafr Dan. Jenin-Qassam Brigades said it opened fire on Israeli troops, forcing them to retreat. That after Israeli troops raided the village earlier Saturday and arrested several Palestinians. Tensions have been running high across the occupied West Bank in recent months. Resistance forces have been carrying out retaliatory attacks against the Israeli regime in response to its daily raids particularly in the cities of Jenin and Nablus. Palestinians have launched a number of rockets from Jenin into Israeli settlements since late June. 

Iran verdict

An Iranian court has sentenced the US government to pay millions of dollars in compensation over its role in plotting a failed coup in Iran in the 1980s. The international branch of the Tehran Justice Department issued the sentence after families of the victims of the Nojeh coup and seven other defendants filed lawsuits against the US government. According to the court, Washington must give 330-million dollars to the families of the martyrs as well as those who suffered damage. The Nojeh coup plot was hatched to topple the Islamic Republic of Iran in July 1980, almost a year and a half after the victory of the Islamic Revolution. The perpetrators had chosen the Nojeh air base in Western Iran, as the command center of the coup. It was aborted on the day it was launched. 

Russia-Ukraine war

Kiev has launched new drone attacks on Russia as Ukraine’s northeast is targeted in a shelling strike. The Russian defense ministry says one drone was destroyed approaching Moscow and another close to the border with Ukraine. It says Kiev has also shelled the Belgorod region, injuring four people. Meanwhile, Ukrainian officials say two people have been killed and one wounded after Russian forces shelled a village in Kharkiv region. The two countries have intensified attacks on each other’s territories in recent weeks, especially after Ukraine kicked off its counteroffensive in early June. 

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