In a nutshell: Israel protests

Since the return of the corrupt and scandal-ridden Benjamin Netanyahu to the corridors of the Knesset, the Israeli regime has seen weeks of protests against the man who is already under the radar for bribery, fraud, and breach of trust.

The allegations he faced continue as he serves yet another term in office, and this time, with ideas of grandeur and gluttony designed to take power away from the judiciary, and hand it to his cronies, Netanyahu is looking to climb higher up the ivory tower, beyond the reach of the law.

Protests started prior to the Israeli regime passing a controversial law designed to overhaul the judiciary. The plan dubbed the “reasonableness” law prevents judicial oversight of government and ministerial decisions on the grounds of rationality.

The regime critics say removing the standard opens the door to corruption and improper appointments of unqualified cronies to important positions, something Netanyahu is rather familiar with. However, the change of policy was described by Netanyahu as ‘minor’, downplaying the protests and concerns from home and abroad as ‘silly’.

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