Hezbollah’s new missile system shows readiness to annihilate Israel: Analyst

By Hiba Morad

In the event of any Israeli aggression against Lebanon in the future, thousands of missiles will be rained on the Zionist entity and millions of illegal settlers will be left shelterless, says a Lebanese military affairs analyst.

In an interview with the Press TV website, Dr. Talal Atrisi, a military affairs analyst and instructor at the Lebanese Army Academy for command and general staff, said the new missile system built by the Hezbollah resistance movement will destroy Israeli tanks in a matter of seconds.

The unveiling of the Tharallah missile system, he noted, is a clear message from the resistance in Lebanon that the consolidation of power continues and the movement is ready for any confrontation.

“In any future war, the resistance has a bank of targets inside the Israeli entity that will be targeted easily and directly by the new guided missiles, be it political, military, security, petroleum or other institutions and buildings, by that leaving the Israeli regime in rubbles,” Dr. Talal asserted.

Last week, in a first, the Hezbollah resistance movement in Lebanon unveiled the Tharallah dual-platform guided missile system, which was first put into operation in 2015, according to reports.

It came on the 17th anniversary of the 2006 war, in which the Lebanese resistance inflicted a crushing defeat on the Israeli aggressors. Lebanon's al-Manar television network reported the unveiling of the missile system much to the amazement of hostile forces.

The missile system is an anti-armor weapon with two launching platforms that makes it unique and capable of hitting and destroying targets with great precision. The al-Manar report showed the projectiles hitting and smashing several targets.

The report also demonstrated the ability of the system to simultaneously hit and destroy targets with high precision during both daytime and nighttime with a higher degree of mobility and maneuverability.

According to the report, the system is fitted with Kornet anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM), which makes it suitable for deployment against main battle tanks. It also has a jam-resistant laser-beam riding guidance system intended to counter ground and air targets in electronic and optical warfare.

The Lebanese resistance has on many occasions warned Israel against testing the movement's firepower and combat readiness, saying its weapon stockpiles are stacked with tens of thousands of missiles that can penetrate air defense systems and unleash destruction.

A paralyzed Israeli regime

Dr. Atrisi told the Press TV website that according to Israeli military analysts, the scenario of any future war with the Lebanese resistance would be devastating.

“The Israeli regime will be showered with thousands of missiles during the first few days of any war, some six thousand missiles on a daily basis, which will paralyze the regime and its infrastructure, more than two million illegal settlers will be stranded looking for shelter,” he warned.

The Israelis are terrified, and voices and concerns from inside the regime are rising over any future war with the Lebanese resistance, he explained, adding that the in any confrontation between Hezbollah and the Israeli occupation, Israeli officials "estimate that the conflict will not be limited to one arena alone, with the possibility of flare-ups in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank," an issue that scares the regime.

Asked about the viral footage of the missile system, Dr. Atrisi said the videos aim at “reinforcing the idea that in any future Israeli aggression on Lebanon, the resistance will for sure and within the first few days inevitably win the war and cause unprecedented damage inside the Israeli regime.”

He termed it a message to the warmongering voices from within the Israeli regime to tell them that the resistance is at its utmost readiness and that the Israelis should fear for themselves.

However, he hastened to add the regime and its key Western ally the US are not ready for a new war.

“Any war to be launched by the Israeli regime needs not only Israeli readiness but also a green light from Washington. The US does not want to start a new war in West Asia, because it fears the united resistance front in the region which could annihilate the Israeli regime in no time,” he said.

An unstable Israeli regime

The Israeli regime has increased its war rhetoric against Lebanon in the past few months and has carried out a few aggressions inside Occupied Palestine, the latest of which was the Jenin battle in which the regime once again was routed by the resistance forces.

These threats and wars, according to the Lebanese military analyst, are attempts to put off the fire of division and chaos inside the regime, particularly by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“When we analyze the situation inside the Israeli regime, we can say there is no doubt that the Israeli regime is unable to start or launch a war against the resistance in Lebanon, due to its internal conflicts, division inside the Israeli settler community and state of chaos which has been prevailing as well as the rage and anger of traumatized soldiers who were abandoned by the Israeli regime,” he remarked.

Reading the Israeli scenario, Dr. Atrisi said the Israeli army is “obviously not ready for war.”

“If we look at soldiers in the army reserve who may be called to active duty when needed and provide their expertise in the air, naval, and ground fields, we see that the majority of these soldiers refuse to join the army,” he told the Press TV website.

Pertinently, hundreds of reservists signed a declaration near military headquarters in Tel Aviv recently, announcing that they would no longer show up for volunteer reserve duty in protest against the far-right regime advancing its plans to “overhaul the judiciary.”

Despite the Israeli hesitation to start a war, Dr. Atrisi said the resistance is fully prepared for any confrontation, which scares the Israelis more and increases the chance that Israel will not go to war.

The unraveling of the missile system, he further states, was a clear practical message to what the Hezbollah Secretary General affirmed in his speech on the anniversary of the July victory: The Israeli occupation "will also go back to the stone age" if it dares to attack Lebanon.

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