Iranian President in Latin America

The Islamic Republic of Iran has been expanding, developing its political, economic, cultural, and scientific ties, including defense on an international scale in the neighborhood in Asia and Africa, and also here in Latin America.

Its main partners from a commercial point of view are Brazil, Argentina and Mexico.

This time, President Seyed Ebrahim Raeisi comes to three specific countries, three countries that are twinned in an anti-imperialist policy with the Iranian Revolution. I mean Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba, countries that have been constantly blockaded and attacked, just like the sovereign and anti-imperialist Iran. Countries that have had color revolutions, with manipulated and organized terrorism, financed from the United States.

Iran and these three countries from Latin America have faced brutal attacks, such as the assassination of General Qasem Soleimani in 2020 at the hands of the United States, or the downing of an Iranian commercial passenger plane by a US Navy ship that caused the death of 290 passengers.

This is how imperialism has acted in Iran and with similar events in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

Undoubtedly, the fundamental objective is to find a way to say that the sanctions and the blockade no longer have the effects that the United States and other Western European countries were looking for.

That is what President Raeisi's visit to Latin America speaks of, particularly to the countries already mentioned.

Of course, he has also been accompanied by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Defense, Energy and others, clearly indicating a multiplicity of aspects of cooperation and mutual aid.

Iran has also brought with it the experience of more than 40 years of resisting a fierce blockade, more than 2,000 sanctions of a coercive nature, and yet it has grown industrially in heavy industry, light industry, food security, even in the case of exportation of agricultural products.

That experience and knowledge are in the baggage that Iran brings today to share with the anti-imperialist brother countries of Latin America.

Unquestionably the world is changing. The United States can no longer set the rules. The facts show that it is possible not only to confront and resist, but also to defeat the arrogance of the Western imperialist countries. This is what President Raeisi's visit specifically speaks to us about.

This is good news, not only for the countries that he has visited, but without a doubt, for the rest of Latin America that aspires to independence, self-governance and sovereignty.

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