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Israeli retreat from Jenin in face of resistance shows new equations: Analyst

By Ali Ghorban Bagheri

The retreat of Israeli forces in the face of the courageous retaliation by the Palestinian resistance in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin demonstrated that the equations have shifted, according to a Jerusalem al-Quds-based political expert and journalist.

In an interview with the Press TV website, Anan Najib said the latest Israeli onslaught on the flashpoint city of Jenin marked another setback for the occupying regime after the failure to invade Gaza Strip.

Just as the Israeli occupation forces were forced to retreat in the face of strikes of resistance forces in southern Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian analyst said the equation has also changed in the occupied West Bank and the resistance groups are prepared to retaliate to any aggression.

At least 10 Palestinians were killed in the latest Israeli aggression on the occupied West Bank, with some observers describing it as the deadliest onslaught on the flashpoint city of Jenin in over 20 years.

Thousands of residents in the impoverished refugee camp were also forced to abandon their homes and belongings following the deadly Israeli raid, which began in the wee hours of Monday.

After almost three days of aggression, the occupying forces were forced to retreat by the Palestinian resistance groups, who displayed exemplary unity in resisting the occupiers.

“The battle of the Jenin camp once again demonstrated the meaning of "field unity", an issue that will be decisive about the situation in Palestine,” Najib told the Press TV website.

He said the Al-Quds Brigades, Al Qassam Brigades, Lions' Den, Tubas Battalion and Jabba Battalion supported the resistance in Jenin this time, adding that the Jerusalem al-Quds neighborhoods “are the scene of conflict every night”, the purpose of which is to “create popular resistance.”

On the prospects of anti-Israel resistance in the occupied West Bank, Najib said the occupying regime is today “facing a new stage of transformation of the resistance movement because there is no more space for them to attack whenever and whoever they want.”

“Since the liberation of South Lebanon and the battles in Gaza, the Palestinian people have witnessed more and more victories while the enemy's failures have increased,” Najib emphasized, adding that the "false dream of the Israeli state is about to be destroyed.”

Like other Palestinian refugee camps, he said Jenin “suffers from the problem of poverty, unemployment and weak public services”, which have increased after repeated attacks on the camp.

The Palestinian analyst and media practitioner hastened to assert that “as long as the occupation continues, the national struggle to achieve freedom and self-determination will continue” while urging the Muslim countries to “support and help” the people of Palestine.

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