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Pope Francis disgusted by desecration of the Holy Quran in Sweden

Pope Francis

Pope Francis has said he feels indignant and disgusted at the discretion of the Holy Quran that took place in Sweden last week.

The head of the Holy See's remarks were made in an interview with the United Arab Emirates newspaper Al-Ittihad published on Monday.

In the interview the pontiff also added: "Freedom of speech should never be used as a means to despise others and allowing that is rejected and condemned."

Pope Francis is clearly distancing himself from the sacrilegious Quran burning and it is not the first time he slams anti Islam actions.

The Pope has also condemned freedom of speech when it is used to attack Islam and the Quran.

Gianni Valente, Vaticanist

Last week's Quran burning by an Iraqi citizen residing in Sweden has sparked an outcry and protests by Muslims across the world.

The sacrilegious act occurred after Swedish police allowed it under the pretext of upholding free speech protections.

A few days later, the Swedish government condemned these actions, admitting that such Islamophobic acts can be offensive to Muslims

Regardless of the religion, we must respect all beliefs, Christians, Muslims, there is no difference.

All religions must be respected and what happened in Sweden should be condemned.

Member of Public, Rome

What the Pope said is however one should see it. In my opinion, respect for all religions must be the rule number one; there is not much to add.

Member of Public 02, Rome

The act of desecration of the Holy Quran that took place in Sweden last week resulted in strong condemnation from several Muslim and non Muslim states.

A number of countries including Iraq, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, and, Morocco, have summoned Swedish ambassadors in protest at the desecration while Tehran has halted the dispatching of a new envoy to Stockholm.

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