How Corbynism in the UK was defeated

Asa Winstanley has written a tour de force book, Weaponising Anti-Semitism, on the campaign to destroy Corbynism– the political movement associated with the leadership of the British Labour Party by the pro-Palestine Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn was elected to head the party with a huge mandate.  When many MPs- members of the Parliamentary Labour Party launched a coup against him to force a second leadership election, he only increased his mandate.

Nevertheless, in four short years, he was forced out of the Party following the 2019 General Election.

How did this happen?  Was Corbyn subverted by the right wing of the Labour Party?  Was it the media that did for him? or were dark forces in the secret state to blame? Winstanley considers the big picture and sets out in relentless detail how the subversion of Corbyn was achieved.

His answer is that all these actors were in the mix but that one crucial actor provided the weapons and troops to defeat the enemy.  That actor is the Israel Lobby.

The lobby had been developing its weapon - the “new antisemitism”  - for years, and this became available for strategic use as the “working definition of antisemitism” in 2016 when it was adopted by the International Holocaust Remembrance Association. In addition, it needed troops on the ground to fire the weapon of choice. So, from around 2010, the Zionist regime helped to create an army of new lobby groups in the UK (as elsewhere) and reinvigorated others, such as the Jewish Labour Movement, the formally Zionist group affiliated with the Labour Party.

After detailing the evidence on all this, Winstanley notes, “Agents for a hostile foreign power were working at multiple levels on a semi-covert influence campaign to sabotage the [Labour] party.”

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