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The ramifications of EU efforts to isolate China

Governments in many eastern European countries have become increasingly hawkish on China. [Shutterstock/danielo]

The European Commission is proposing a €10 billion fund to develop strategic technologies in order to become less dependent on high tech imports from China.

It also wants to block EU nations from dealing with China when it comes to so called sensitive technologies. The claim is that it's to reduce risk.

Risk to supply chains, risk to critical infrastructure, risk to technology security and leakage, and, risk of economic coercion.

Margrethe Vestager, EU Competition Commissioner

It would appear that positive ties being advanced outside of the West's control are putting Washington and Brussels on edge.

We must be equipped to protect our economic security and economic interest from the actions from some other countries.

Josep Borrell, EU Foreign Policy Chief

Trade between the EU and China is worth an incredible 2.3 billion euro per day. Some analysts believe the US is trying to scupper this vital economic link.

The United States are the masters of the European Union. They are masters of Europe. That's the order of things after the Second World War. And there is a NATO, which is an alliance that dooms the European Union to be a small brother.

Anna Van Densky, EU Affairs Commentator

During recent European Parliament debates, lawmakers have heavily criticized the EU's policy towards Russia and China.

The fallout from energy sanctions against Moscow is severely harming EU citizens and businesses.

At a time of dire economic pressures, the European Commission wants to prioritize the government in Kyiv.

... and Ukraine. Here we propose a financial reserve for the next four years of 50 billion euro.

Ursula Von Der Leyen, European Commission, President

Analysts say vested interests in the United States are benefiting most from deteriorating EU-Russia and EU-China relations.

EU leaders are due to hold a summit at the end of next week to discuss the Commission's trade proposals.

It's already clear there are major concerns in member states because current arrangements with China are so lucrative.

It is reported that some EU countries believe the European Commission is overstepping the mark.

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