The Smearing of Palestine Declassified?

The Center for countering Digital Hate's misfired attack The Zionist movement is apoplectic about Palestine Declassified. It seems we'’ve struck a raw nerve by exposing their efforts to cover up the brutality of the Israeli regime.

True to form, these apartheid apologists have resorted to all manner of skulduggery to attack the show ... Including a malicious report by an obscure company called the Center for Countering Digital Hate.

But exactly who, or what, is this so-called Center for Countering Digital Hate? It is registered in London to the same address as Labour Together a right wing pro-Zionist group inside the UK Labour Party.

It also shared a director in the shape of Morgan McSweeney. Labour Together is a vehicle for the multimillionaire Trevor Chinn. Chinn is effectively the leader of the Zionist movement in the UK having been at the top of the main fundraiser for Zionism, the United Jewish Israel Appeal, for more than two decades.

McSweeney resigned in April 2020 to work directly for Keir Starmer the new leader of the Labour Party who had been the recipient of £50,000 from Chinn.

It was the largest donation Starmer received and he then famously said he supported Zionism “without qualification” Latterly the CCDH has opened a US office and has recruited US connected operatives including - as Chair -Simon Clark, a former venture capital lobbyist has also been “a resident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Lab… in Washington, DC.”

The DFR Lab is a front for NATO propaganda and a leading exponent of the so-called Russian threat. In 2021, the Center also for a time employed a Director of Communications who had formerly worked for the CIA. The co-publisher of the report was the US based Anti Defamation League, a group well known for its spying on pro-Palestine activists. It has pushed the idea that Arabs and Muslims are anti-Semitic since the 1940s according to previously secret FBI files.

In a 1993 scandal it was exposed as even spying on protestors against South African Apartheid and selling the information to the regimes intelligence agency BOSS. The ADL never misses a chance to promote the interests of the temporary Zionist colony in Palestine always shrouded in the deceptive idea that it is combating anti-Jewish racism.

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