Pretender Pahlavi insults Palestine

Reza Pahlavi, the son of the Western-backed brutal dictator, the Shah of Iran, visited occupied Palestine recently. Did he speak with the Palestinians, meet with the resistance, or visit al-Aqsa? No.

He did not even mention Palestine. Instead, in trying to present himself as the main figure opposing the Islamic Republic, he attempted to ingratiate himself with the Zionist entity.

His visit was welcomed by the far-right Israeli government, which referred to him as the “exiled crown prince” of Iran. Pahlavi engaged in many activities with Zionist regime officials, including meeting Netanyahu, participating in a Holocaust Memorial Day event, and visiting and praying at the Western Wall.

Among the most distasteful actions of Pahlavi and his wife Yasmine were visiting the racist settler family of Rabbi Leo Dee after almost half of his family was eliminated in a resistance operation. Dee responded to the assassinations by saying, "Let the Israeli flag today send out a message to humanity, which is: We will never accept terror as legitimate.” But of course, the flag of the so-called state of Israel is the real symbol of terror.

The British settler colonist revealed to Pahlavi that his family knew the family of the would-be dictator of Iran. Listen as he says he hopes that Pahlavi will be the “King of Iran” and that Pahlavi will welcome Dee “to the palace in Tehran very soon”.

Pahlavi’s wife, Yasmine, also came under fire after she posted an image of a young female occupation forces member on her Instagram account with the Farsi equivalent of the hashtag “woman, life, freedom”.

Of course, Pahlavi is a CIA asset. In the 1980s, legendary journalist Bob Woodward revealed that the Reagan administration authorized the CIA to support Pahlavi. His CIA funding reportedly ended after the Iran-Contra scandal, but it has resumed in recent years. Pahlavi is, though, only one of many assets used by the US to attempt to subvert the Islamic Republic.

In the emerging era of multipolarity, the Pahlavi project needs all the allies it can get. But as Iranian Defence Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami put it last month, "The Islamic Republic will raze Tel Aviv and Haifa to the ground if the [Zionist entity] commits a mistake. I advise them not to make this mistake, even verbally.”

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