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Academic: US, Israel could split as trend toward multipolarity develops

Then-Vice President Joe Biden (L), and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shaking hands while making joint statements in al-Quds in 2016. (Photo via AFP)

The world is moving towards multipolarity which holds the potential for the United States and Israel to split, amid heightened tensions between the close allies following Israel’s judicial reform efforts, according to an academic.

David Miller, a leading critic of Israeli acts of aggression against Palestinians, who was sacked from his professorship at the University of Bristol in 2021 after a sustained campaign by Britain’s Israel lobby, told Press TV that the US disapproves of the Israel regime’s moves.

“In the context of the US declining global power as we move into an era of multipolarity, these kinds of fissures in that context means that there are all sorts of potential for a further split between the Zionist entity and the US which will be a good thing for everyone,” Miller told the weekly show Palestine Declassified.

He added that the US “is trying to signal to the Israelis that they disapprove of some of their activities.”

Earlier this year, when Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his most far-right cabinet took office and presented its plan to weaken the Supreme Court and other democratic institutions, tensions began to bubble between the US and the temporary entity.

US officials, including President Biden, expressed concerns over what the plan would mean for Israel’s so-called democracy, or better called Israelis’ colonial privileges.

It has been months since thousands of protesters are taking to the streets across the occupied territories to protest Netanyahu’s controversial and unpopular proposed plan to overhaul the occupying regime’s judicial system.

In early April, leaked classified US documents revealed that Israeli spy agencies are attempting to overthrow the Netanyahu’s regime as well.

The leaked document labeled “top secret” says that in February, senior leaders of the Mossad spy service “advocated for Mossad officials and Israeli citizens to protest the new Israeli [cabinet’s] proposed judicial reforms, according to signals intelligence.”

It is not only the external intelligence agency that is conspiring to bring down the regime; the internal one seems to be in it too.

Shin Bet, which supposedly answers directly to the Israeli prime minister, has been reported to have agents requesting permission to join the protests.

Avi Dichter, the former head of Shin Bet, has sharply criticized the Netanyahu cabinet for harming social cohesion in the settler colony.

According to Miller Mossad seems to be on the US’s side in the dispute with Netanyahu, therefore, he said, there are some cracks and fissures appearing in the Zionist regime.

Undoubtedly, he said, “There’s a tendency there which is opposed to the radical, fascist elements of the Netanyahu cabinet.”

In late March, US President Joe Biden said he was “very concerned” about Israel, saying that they “cannot continue down this road.” He also said that Netanyahu will not be invited to the White House in the near future, and urged him to drop the judicial reform plan.

Following Biden’s remarks Netanyahu said in a statement that “Israel is sovereign which makes its decisions by the will of its people and not based on pressures from abroad, including from the best of friends.”

In response to Biden’s comment Israeli minister Itamar Ben-Gvir also said that Israel is independent and “not another star on the US flag.”

Later, in the midst of large protests sweeping the streets of the settler colony in April, Yair Netanyahu, the 32-year-old son of Israeli prime minister Netanyahu, took to social media and attacked the US for being behind the unrest.

“The American State Department is behind the protests in Israel, with the aim of overthrowing Netanyahu, apparently in order to conclude an agreement with the Iranians. Is there a Shin Bet in this country?” he wrote.

He was soon ordered by his father to put an end to his activities on social media.

Miller explained that what Ben-Gvir said about not being a star on the US flag any longer is that Israel is an independent nation, independent of the US and that is a red line that the US will not allow Israel to cross because the US has to have it as a client that cannot become loose.

Miller said that the move towards multipolarity would nevertheless hasten the end of a temporary entity of Israel extremely as it cannot survive without the US patronage.

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