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Kashmiri people boycott Israeli products in support of Palestine

Shahana Butt
Press TV, Indian-administered Kashmir 

For decades, people in Kashmir like the rest of the Muslim world have slammed Israeli atrocities in Palestine. Each time Israeli atrocities escalate, people of Kashmir take to streets to denounce Israeli terrorism against Palestinians.

But following the abrogation of Kashmir's special status in August 2019, people of Kashmir have opted for different ways to voice protests against the Israeli regime. And to show their outrage at Israeli atrocities, this Ramadan, people in Kashmir have decided to avoid Israeli products like dates and olives.

Traders across Kashmir say they don’t import Israeli dates to the region because nobody buys them.

Thanks to social media, young Kashmiris now have deep knowledge of Palestine and atrocities happening there.

Each year, during the holy month of Ramadan, special prayers are held for the people of Palestine across Kashmir. Islamic scholars put emphasis on the importance of unity among Muslim nations in this regard.

Around 40 percent of Israeli dates are grown in illegal settlements and in many of these settlements, underpaid Palestinian laborers are doing the grueling work.

People of Muslim-majority Kashmir believe Israeli companies are exploiting Palestinian land and labor, and boycotting their products is the best form of protest against the regime's illegal occupation of the Holy Land.

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