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Child-killing, usurping Israel facing its darkest point in history: World Assembly of Islamic Awakening

People protest against prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's new right-wing coalition and its proposed judicial reforms to reduce the powers of the Supreme Court in a main square in Tel Aviv, the Israeli-occupied territories. (Photo by Reuters)

The World Assembly of Islamic Awakening has strongly condemned the killing of two military advisers of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) in an Israeli airstrike near the Syrian capital Damascus, saying the usurping Tel Aviv regime is facing the darkest point in its history.

In a statement on Monday, the assembly argued that the Israeli regime is nearing its end and has reached a point of weakness and desperation where it is getting closer and closer to its collapse every day.

It added that the regime “is trying to create division among Muslims through violation of international law and principles, and continued sponsorship of terrorism in the [West Asia] region. They should, however, realize that such criminal and cowardly actions will not have an impact upon the unity of the Muslim world, and that their attacks and acts of aggression will not go unanswered.”

“Nowadays, the child-killing and occupying Israeli regime is facing its darkest point in history and is experiencing international isolation more than ever. The real and wicked nature of this criminal regime has now been exposed to world countries and the international community, and the Muslim world must adopt firmer and more decisive positions in condemnation of the actions and crimes of this cancerous tumor,” the body said.

“The Israeli regime is clearly moving closer to its final days; and its criminal activities and flagrant violations of human rights, provocation of tensions and chaos, as well as its targeted killing of oppressed people and Muslim youths have accelerated the process.”

The World Assembly of Islamic Awakening finally called on the Axis of Resistance countries and the entire Muslim world to maintain their unity against the conspiracies and actions of Israel, and resolutely fight off terrorism and the regime.

Israeli protesters have held nearly three months of mass demonstrations to express and raise opposition to plans by prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s far-right cabinet to overhaul the regime’s judicial system.

Last week, Netanyahu announced that he was temporarily freezing the bill. He said he was determined to pass the judicial reform plan.

Israeli protesters, however, vowed that they would press ahead with demonstrations across the occupied territories “as long as the legislation continues and is not shelved.”

The struggle over the plans illustrates the deep divide in Israeli society between supporters of the incumbent right-wing administration, who says the judicial changes are necessary, and the growing number of settlers opposed to Netanyahu’s plan, who argue that the moves will weaken the independence of the regime’s judiciary.

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