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Israel political crisis

The Israeli prime minister has fired the regime's minister for military affairs just a day after the latter spoke out against Benjamin Netanyahu’s planned judicial reforms. According to an Israeli cabinet official, Netanyahu summoned Yoav Gallant on Sunday to tell the minister he didn’t have any faith in him anymore. On Saturday, Gallant called for a pause in the controversial judicial legislation for a month, citing the turmoil in the ranks of the military over the reforms. Israeli officials have reacted to the dismissal. Opposition leader Yair Lapid said Gallant’s sacking was a new low for the regime. Head of Israel's largest labor union said he was astonished by Netanyahu’s decision. Israel’s Consul-General in New York resigned his post, saying he could no longer serve Netanyahu’s cabinet. Israeli opposition leaders in the Knesset said Netanyahu has crossed a red line by dismissing Gallant. The reactions came as tens of thousands of Israelis gathered for the 12th consecutive week to protest against the controversial judicial overhaul plan proposed by the regime’s hard-right cabinet.

Yemen war anniversary

Millions of people take to the streets in several Yemeni provinces to mark the anniversary of the Saudi-led invasion of their country in 2015. 

Iran-Saudi Arabia relations

Foreign ministers of Iran and Saudi Arabia have explored ways for promoting constructive relations between the two countries in their latest phone call. Hossein Amir-Abdollahian and Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud discussed the latest state of a recent détente agreement between the two countries. The top diplomats also exchanged views on holding a ministerial meeting. The two ministers had already spoken on phone on Thursday in which they agreed to meet in the near future to facilitate the re-opening of the two countries’ embassies. Iran and Saudi Arabia signed a Chinese-brokered deal earlier this month to normalize relations seven years after they were severed. They agreed to re-open their diplomatic missions within two months after signing the deal.

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