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US illegal presence in Syria

Iran has condemned US terrorist attacks on civilian targets in eastern Syria. Foreign ministry spokesman, Nasser Kan’ani, said the presence of American forces in Syria is against international law and violates the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Kan’ani said the US claim to be fighting Daesh terrorists in Syria is just a pretext for pillaging the country's national wealth and energy sources. The spokesman rejected Washington’s accusations that Tehran was involved in attacks on US bases in Syria, saying such claims are baseless. Earlier, spokesman for Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, Keyvan Khosravi, made similar comments. He said the US is trying to divert attention from its illegal occupation of Syria and is resorting to lies to attribute lawful retaliation against the occupying US forces to other countries. 

Israel protests

Demonstrators have rallied in Tel Aviv for the 12th consecutive week against a controversial judicial overhaul by the hard-right cabinet. The rallies have regularly drawn tens of thousands of protesters. Demonstrations erupted in January after the cabinet announced its reforms to limit the Supreme Court’s powers. Critics argue the legal changes will foment corruption and bring about diplomatic isolation. The cabinet, however, says the reforms are necessary to create balance of powers between lawmakers and the judiciary. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to press on with the changes despite mounting criticism. Israel's attorney-general has accused Netanyahu of breaking the law and ignoring a conflict of interest arising from his ongoing trial for corruption. Minister of military affairs Yoav Gallant has also called for the legislation to be repealed, saying it endangers the occupying regime.

Russia-Ukraine war

Russia has struck a deal with neighboring Belarus to station tactical nuclear weapons on its territory. Russian President Vladimir Putin made the announcement, saying the move does not violate nuclear nonproliferation agreements. He said Moscow’s decision is not unusual since the US has also deployed its tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of its allies. Putin also warned that his country will deploy depleted uranium ammunition if Kiev receives such munitions from the West. On Tuesday, Britain announced that the Challenger 2 main battle tanks that it plans to send to Ukraine will contain depleted uranium rounds. Moscow warned of a nuclear collision between Russia and the West if the UK goes ahead with the decision.

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