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Slamming french crackdown

Iran is giving France a taste of its own medicine. The Iranian foreign minister has strongly condemned the French crackdown on peaceful protests in the country. Hossein Amir-Abdollahian urged the French government to respect human rights and avoid using force against peaceful protesters. Earlier, the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman also called on the French government to refrain from violence. Nasser Kanaani said Iran does not support vandalism and rioting. He stressed, however, that France must talk to its people and listen to their voices instead of creating chaos in other countries. France has been one of the Western countries criticizing Iran over its handling of the recent unrest across the country. Iran has repeatedly dismissed allegations of human rights violations. 

Resistance until liberation  

Hamas says resistance groups will never lay down their arms and will continue their struggle to fully liberate Palestinian lands from Israeli occupation. The Palestinian resistance movement said Israel has launched religious warfare against the Palestinian nation and sanctities. Hamas noted that Islamic sanctities and al-Quds are Palestinians’ red lines. Israeli forces and settlers have ramped up attacks against Palestinians in the occupied territories in recent months. Over a dozen Palestinians were injured after Israeli soldiers attacked them in towns near Nablus on Friday. They were protesting against the regime’s settlement expansion. So far this year, around 90 Palestinians have been killed in the occupied West Bank.

The war in Ukraine

Russia's Defense Ministry has warned that the use of depleted uranium shells in Ukraine will harm Ukrainian troops, civilians, and even the agriculture sector for a long time. The ministry says the West is well aware of the negative impacts of the weapons on the population and environment. It cited the US and NATO’s use of depleted uranium in Iraq and the Balkans as an example, saying that uranium shells leave serious negative impacts for decades and even centuries. The UK has declared plans to supply Ukrainian forces with ammunition equipped with depleted uranium. The ammo could help weapons penetrate tanks and armor more easily. The Kremlin has warned of a nuclear collision between Russia and the West if the UK goes ahead with the decision.

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